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When it comes down to swimsuits on girls, less is more. Plus, wearing too much fabric during the summertime is counterintuitive. I don’t know what better way…


Hot Bikini


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  • ray kardashian 3 years ago

    Never understood why most chicks choose not to wear these sort of bikinis.
    I applaud these women for not being ashamed of their respective bodies and
    being comfortable to wear something they like.

  • alex cardona 3 years ago

    what is the name of the first model?

  • Ob Servant 3 years ago

    3:02 nice

  • Dylan Abrams 3 years ago

    The one with the sun glass and blue bikini are freken sexy
    And the ladie showing her privates and. But and boobs

  • Willem Jan Blom 3 years ago

    The last one is the best

  • Tony Garrison 3 years ago

    the prettiest women i ever seen

  • efe mert 3 years ago
  • Your Daily Boner 3 years ago