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Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss interviews in bikinis, talking about new Victoria’s Secret 2013 swimwear line with Deidre Behar! Talking…

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  • Karamel Bombshell 4 years ago

    what does her being hot have to do with you being a girl…if youre a girl you cant compliment another girl?

  • Eyllura Hernandez 4 years ago


  • tantunimidedin 4 years ago

    Candice endeavours so hard to speak elegantly and sexy. so annoying…

  • ILoveAngelCandice Swanepoel 4 years ago

    Candice is HOT!!! <3

  • arimeyoki 4 years ago

    so cute and sexy friend once buy it on  .it is cheap and nice also high quality

  • Alonso Jonathan 4 years ago

    Karlie’s hair belongs in an Amish village!

    So damn ugly!

  • Rosary From TFS 4 years ago

    Karlie Gross is so ugly!

  • JonzeyGears 4 years ago

    Candice is my favorite!

  • Anastasia G 4 years ago

    love karlies hair!

  • Magdalena Paz 4 years ago

    I love Alessandra <3

  • Lillyn95 4 years ago

    you are pretty and nice as well :)

  • jsayavong1 4 years ago

    The girls was so sexy a lot!

  • Macker875 4 years ago

    Rhose girls are retarded if they think confidence is what makes guys attracted to them

  • carey579 4 years ago

    Karlie Kloss looks like nun in that short hair, maybe that;’s why you love her? 😉

  • Mirna Lujan Hernandez 4 years ago

    Do you love her? Stop man, she doesn’t love you.. Karlie Kloss is amazing!

  • mellodelrey 4 years ago

    Ew Carly doesn’t look VS material. Eat something Carly VS “always” shows curvy chicks . Lies if you show limps your in lol

  • James Aragorn 4 years ago

    Wish I was there.

  • carey579 4 years ago

    Karlie looks like an ogre next to Alessandra & Candice :(

  • vinh pham 4 years ago

    OMG she said JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!

  • Clevver News 4 years ago

    LOL you’re naughty!! I enjoyed our conversation. She was very sweet and obviously very excited about the new VS collection, and got me excited for summer!! Thanks for watching!! –Deidre

  • JMMT7022801 4 years ago

    Deidre, be honest, did you get a lady boner from Candice?

  • 1936840 4 years ago

    Lesbians but really blazin hot

  • Sabrina Qazan 4 years ago

    wish cara and barbara were there too .. 

  • Clevver News 4 years ago

    They can be pricey, but they last a long time and provide great results! XOXO –Deidre

  • Clevver News 4 years ago

    Aren’t they!? And nice girls, too! Such a wonderful combo! XOXO –Deidre

  • Clevver News 4 years ago

    Loveeee Cara! Her face is too perfect!! XOXO –Deidre

  • Clevver News 4 years ago


  • Clevver News 4 years ago

    Aw, thank you so so much. That was such a sweet thing to say! I’m all about eating clean and working out, so I can stay happy and healthy! Have a wonderful weekend girlfriend!! XOXO –Deidre

  • Medrano Dodovrosky 4 years ago

    not Barbara Palvin?

  • Paula Aguilar 4 years ago

    I hate when they put stuffing in bathing suits…it ruins it.

  • tylo342 4 years ago

    Okay…. This is so gonna sound super lesbianish but candice is SOOOOOOO HOTT

  • Tahia Alam 4 years ago

    i am a girl and and i think candice is HOT. 

  • brrytm89 4 years ago

    Deidre Behar please don’t get that skinny to be consider beautiful youre perfect the way you are =)