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Bikini Girls


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  • Basil Papademos 2 years ago

    fucking stupid. she’s got ok plastic boobs but a dumb face. I guess I’d
    face rape her if I had nothin else to do, fuck her lungs, then go through
    her purse. That’s about all she’s good for, dumb slut. The car. Yeah,
    great. In 10 minutes the LAPD will have an anal probe flashlight up the
    guy’s ass and the car impounded. In 2 hours he’ll be sucking big cock at
    County, getting pimped hard as the Range Bitch. Welcome to real world,

  • elmetgwennhudkoad 2 years ago

    What with this shit of showing naked whores in car videos? your car isn’t
    good enough for you to show off so you need to call on these sluts for your
    videos to be successful? you do realize people like you are objectifying
    women with these stupid videos don’t you? well these sluts sure deserve to
    be treated like objects.

  • RAYDi8OR 2 years ago

    She has nice personalitits 

  • sando nero 2 years ago

    I was waiting them to drive.

  • Raquel Ramos 2 years ago

    I understand their fear under that acceleration

  • goagăl minus 2 years ago

    A moment of silence for our brothers in the friend-zone.

  • sean octane 2 years ago

    if it has wheels or tits, it will cost money.

  • mista808 2 years ago

    Take away the fake breasts and the makeup that looks like a 12 year old
    applied and you have some very average looking hoes.
    The car sounds amazing though. 

  • Colorado Rebecca 2 years ago

    You know it’s probably better if you get a hot chick w/real tits…. just
    sayin. So they actually move…? 

  • gaivoron 2 years ago

    The blonde one is definitely doing some drugs. Busted 

  • Ayyub ramli 2 years ago

    facts about you that is watching the vid right now :
    1 you clicked the play button
    2 you are looking at the girls tits
    3 you got a boner right now
    4 you are thinking about having sex with them
    5 you just read this comment
    6 you just giggled
    7 you went on a different video

  • suerte03211978 2 years ago

    The tits on that…. Grrrrrr!

  • John Ching 2 years ago

    Lame. Bad tit job. I want those 6 seconds of my life back.

  • Viajero Travesia 2 years ago

    Everything is FAKE on this chicks, fake boobs, fake smile, fake ass, fake

  • Steven Chambers 2 years ago

    Its 2014, lets face it. No more is it “Blondes have more fun”. Its now “Any
    girl with nice tits has more fun”.

  • Harley Zeppelin 2 years ago

    The chicks are hot. The car is weak. 700hp with 50 lb ft of torque LOL

  • Dustin Brown 2 years ago

    lets not put your seatbelt on right, because your tits are more important
    than your life………Assholes.

  • dirklbj 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who have looked at the boobs the entire video ?

  • gr8latino 2 years ago

    Stupid Transformers rip off logo. Make your own.

  • Breno Queiroz 2 years ago

    Nissan gtr is the best of word 

  • Dick Fitzwell 2 years ago

    I wonder why she was in the front lol

  • Toby Street 2 years ago

    Shame they’re fake… 

  • Theo van der Meulen 2 years ago

    Bikini Girls ride in a Nissan R35 GTR

  • Alaatin61 2 years ago

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  • Fresh Sipp 2 years ago

    Let’s put it this way . . . I have no idea what the girl in the front seat
    looks like.

  • Kutay Suleymanoglu 2 years ago

    I wonder what happens if they put these girls to a BMW S1000rr 

  • Molon Labe 2 years ago

    Next time pick a bumpy road dude haha

  • Breda Jake 2 years ago

    I once went out with a girl who used to date guys with fast expensive cars
    but no more. She said every one of them had a small dick.

  • Tommy Bone 2 years ago

    What an amazing……….. !!!!

  • dharmaboy75 2 years ago

    Liars.They said there was a Nissan R35 GTR in the video. 

  • Richard G 2 years ago

    This is just stupid.. You can tell who are the desperate ones that need to
    watch some bitches in bikinis LMAO.. Yes i clicked on this vid JUST to
    write this comment.. LOSERS!

  • queenform 2 years ago

    Lel u can see her implants being squeezed

  • SegioDokic 2 years ago

    What I wonder is how they didn´t crash?
    How the driver managed to keep is eyes on the road?