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Total Body Bikini Blast Workout-Level 1: BeFiT GO | Bikini Body is an explosive, fat-burning circuit workout set to some of today’s hottest workout music, th…

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  • Jade Ewasiuk 3 years ago

    Idk if i would want to be all muscle and bone girls need a bit of fat i’m
    at a good weight for my height i’m not overweight but like i have curves
    litarally in all the right places (not bragging it’s genetics i have an
    hourglass figure) i do have muscle i dance,i walk etc and my boyfriend
    loves me as i am and has never said to me to lose weight or anything.i
    think be happy with you unless you need to loose weight then do so for your
    health not because others say to look a certain way.

  • Jada Marie 3 years ago

    We have matching shorts!

  • Evelina Kokoszka 3 years ago

    What is an alternative for squats bc I have bad knees

  • Crystal McCrum 3 years ago

    People who are weeks into this, does this really help you get a bikini

  • linn dii 3 years ago

    Ughh that krunch to kick out thing was i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e..

  • Neringa Alisauskaite 3 years ago

    not sooo intensive, sometimes during the rest 30 seconds i don’t wanna rest
    :) but anyway – great workouts! thank you! I am following the plan and
    update you with results, cause in one month beach is waiting for me! met’s
    see how it works ;)

  • NiGHTS1980 3 years ago

    This chick is so hot…

  • Cecilie Lovise Jobsen 3 years ago

    Do anybody know how much kcal you born during this workout ?? 

  • avni bhansali 3 years ago

    Try fitness blender workout. It’s magical !

  • luckychimey 3 years ago

    *pant pant pant* That was brutal! I’m glad I did it tho!

  • ilikeditbetterbefore 3 years ago

    It’s just – I obviously enjoy your workouts, but I’d love if you could
    design with a little less impact on the knees (without jumps or burpees).
    That would be great.

  • Vicki-Ann Malenga 3 years ago

    Things I learnt from this video: I can not jump aha. 

  • Kris Q 3 years ago

    I agree. I’m over here blinding myself with my sweat. If I shouldn’t quit,
    neither should they!

  • helloooprettyyy 3 years ago

    I … I…. I …. cant breath someone call 91sdfsfosfmsldfsdflcmdgs

  • Snezhana 3 years ago

    I agree with Enjayloo!

  • onyxtheforsaken 3 years ago

    I think this workout has some good content but the girl in the blue bikini
    has horrible form. I’m surprised she’s never been injured, or has she?
    Those push ups show her dipping her hips instead which can strain your
    lower back and her crunches look like she’s using momentum instead of her
    core. I’m not looking to bash just saying an observation which could cause
    injury if people copy. And I know it will because I’ve caused myself back
    pain by doing these exercises wrong.

  • Songa Jung 3 years ago

    Thank u very muuuuuch!

  • abby kelly 3 years ago

    I feel like an idiot and it’s not that big of a deal, but I am looking for
    a workout I know I did here around June, but I can’t find it!! It was 40
    minutes, one of the beach workouts and included both Warrior III holds and
    dive bomber pushups. Can you help me find it?

  • jessie 3 years ago

    i do this every morning and night right be for i go to sleep i am a youth
    swimer and a youth tracker and more but the story is this is great my mom
    is doing it 2 by the way i am 11

  • Cathy Miranda 3 years ago

    Awesome video. Will do this after my run.

  • ReneeNina83 3 years ago

    Holy moley! Can’t wait until I can actually finish this work out without
    passing out lol awesome :)

  • DansT Dents 3 years ago

    it so dificult

  • May Chan 3 years ago

    OMG! this workout is killng me! Can last to 20 mins only!

  • heartroseblack 3 years ago

    Or maybe just watch the video and then adjust it to your workout with
    breaks etc.

  • morgangonewild 3 years ago

    How did I survive this? Oh my goodness.

  • bakir mohammed 3 years ago

    I lost 5 Pounds in 3 days thank u

  • Katty Adams 3 years ago

    WOW! I cant believe i did it! this is amazing! thanks guys, I feel much
    better after a tough workout! thanks!

  • Ines Quijije 3 years ago

    I love it!!!

  • Danah Mohamed 3 years ago


  • MsJujubar 3 years ago

    Love LOVE these workouts! The whole befit go workouts are my favorite. High
    intensity & effective! Just finished this workout & I feel great

  • Renee Anderson 3 years ago

    I liked that one too. I had bookmarked it and when I visit it says they
    took it down. Don’t know why, it was great.

  • vivmadly 3 years ago

    I LOVED it! Thank you!

  • Wanda Santana 3 years ago

    Great vid!!!

  • Lionsgate BeFit 3 years ago

    Congratulations! Keep up the hard work! :)

  • Milka Namina 3 years ago

    awesome,beautiful bodies too,thank u

  • Catalina 3 years ago

    I wish I was close enough to a beach to do this there!

  • farah khaliq 3 years ago

    Beautycrush liked this

  • Lionsgate BeFit 3 years ago

    Thank you for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying them!

  • debbie smith 3 years ago

    Congartulations on making me sweat like a roasted pig 😀

  • Miranda Chop 3 years ago

    I LOVE this channel and all the workouts you guys provide. They are exactly
    the right kind of “hard” and I feel amazing after doing a BeFit workout.
    Thank you so much for providing this treasure to the public for FREE. The
    women are all so fit and strong and they motivate me big time. And their
    outfits are always so cute, too! I always feel better sweating when I have
    on cute clothes. haha