Added by on November 11, 2014

Official video. If you don’t love this, you are dead from the neck down.

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  • He Li 3 years ago

    ghoulardi reference in the beginning

  • emma duncan 3 years ago

    Why MTV never put this on high rotation, I will never understand.

  • Janice Sunseri 3 years ago

    I like to play the Cramps on Sunday. It’s my way of going to church.

  • Helen Freud 3 years ago

    fucking great channel

  • mike scorpy 3 years ago

    Why does he always wear girls shoes? Great vid tho

  • Woofy DeeWolf 3 years ago

    Great quality! I love Ivy’s furious go-go dance

  • SonOfCheepThrill 3 years ago

    u’ll always b remembered Lux…. btw this music n video is very
    tarantionesque.. totally love it..

  • Anguisette 3 years ago

    well since video was done in 1991, tarantino is very this video-esque.

  • GGWasGod 3 years ago

    R.I.P LUX fuck mtv

  • Psychocat4life 3 years ago

    Tarantino stole every cinematic trick from Japanese cinema , LUX was and
    will always be unique.

  • Edmundo DaSilva 3 years ago

    poison ivy the baddest chick to play that old her