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The TMZ newsroom is divided. Some people love the this 1940’s high waisted bikini … others … don’t like it as much.

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  • angelinaKarl 4 years ago

    TMZ u are just annoying…

  • Anna Neprawskey 4 years ago

    whoever clicked the thumbs up button for this video is just sick

  • omgwallflower 4 years ago

    Exactly …….Taylor wore it often because her legs are short.Although she is 181 but she doesn’t have long legs.

  • Katie Grove 4 years ago


  • Katie Grove 4 years ago

    Stop the hate now!!!!!!!!!! She’s beautiful in every way

  • Yaminsful 4 years ago

    Taylor swift already said that she prefers 70s and 80s era, from the fashion side and you can clearly see what she means, it looks good on her

  • zan y 4 years ago

    Omg it looks cute on her i like that bikini

  • Nicole Sanders 4 years ago


  • kiwilower 4 years ago

    Man in thr begging, ur face r sooo ugly:-) i hate tmz just haters, just haters. U really don’t have i life. Really.

  • Mouna Madanat 4 years ago

    whats it to you TMZ? you arent the one who is wearing it so wtf

  • Pound Vanapruk 4 years ago

    TMZ, you guys are really pissing me off, I would like to rip off your head someday I would be really happy and not regret

  • Janyee Kariuki 4 years ago

    The blonde one’s voice annoys the absolute fuck out of me.

  • David Alaniz 4 years ago

    TMZ some of you people have no common sense!

  • Briana Gregory-Ereaux 4 years ago

    She can wear what she wants, I think it’s cute and she does not need to show off her body I mean she’s beautiful and she is my number 1 all time favorite singer so leave her alone she not blaming you if she doesn’t like what you wear so neither shall you!!!!!

  • Pael Morales 4 years ago

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  • rlab808 4 years ago

    Oh yeah that guy with that rat joke, looks stupid as fuck since hes ugly, i mean ugly people shouldnt be teasing, maybe if he was good looking it wouldve been funny, but NOPE!!!

  • phonkey 4 years ago

    You had a huge debate… about this?!

    I’m sure I speak for pretty much everyone on earth when I say, “We’re really proud of you TMZ. What a fucking gem of human civilization you are.”

  • 1dzonedirectionz1d 4 years ago

    The bikini is cute but not on her! She ain’t sexy lol

  • MyJakeDaivds 4 years ago

    Regardless it still looks completely ridiculous

  • MyJakeDaivds 4 years ago

    No one’s grabbing you by the neck you know you’re free to get the fuck out

  • MyJakeDaivds 4 years ago

    It’s that stupid valley accent as welll

  • Georgia Meehan 4 years ago

    Tmz shut the fuck. Your annoying

  • Ashley Munoz 4 years ago

    aim not a big fan about her suit

  • Natalia Thacker 4 years ago

    It’s more vintage. so? what is the problem.

  • Ernest ramirez 4 years ago

    Its a cute bikini’!

  • ISwimByHeart 4 years ago

    I think she looks fine. You don’t dress up for guys. So what if they don’t get attracted to that? As long as you’re having fun and comfortable you can do what you want.

  • tuinheks1 4 years ago

    if she chooses another color  gonna be nice!!!

  • Criticizing someones style. lame. Her choice her swimsuit.

  • itsonlytati 4 years ago

    leave Taylor alone!!!!

  • lilleo101 4 years ago

    Doesn’t matter she looks better than any of these clowns regardless of what she wears.

  • Shmankey Pankey 4 years ago

    oh, wait, um… why the fuck does it matter?

  • mrdvera1 4 years ago

    6 People hate it and 3 people like it i like it so now

  • wesley6925 4 years ago

    I love her, and I think its really really hot and adorable ♥

  • partikla86 4 years ago

    1. this is not a bikini. 2. at least someone hides her bobbies and doesnt throws them out like baboons do. …but it is ugly :)

  • Aidanplix 4 years ago

    No real point to this video….

  • T swifty 4 years ago

    What’s this video for? Idiots! She looks great and I will never subscribe this channel but I will ask my friend to unsubscribe it

  • T swifty 4 years ago

    No, she looks sexy so shut up haters

  • Everthingpink123 4 years ago

    Shut up haters!! I love it

  • nexonlikesmoney 4 years ago

    These vidoes they upload is nothing but stupid and waste of time. Even commenting on it is a waste. People with proper minds, dont mind and give no attention to these.

  • Roger91441 4 years ago

    Search “kyle bent – truth or nothing”

  • Roger91441 4 years ago

    Search “kyle bent – truth or nothing”

  • yewboi123 4 years ago

    id still rape the anus and so would tmz

  • Holly Flynn 4 years ago

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. This is just ridiculous.
    Maybe she’s wearing it, BECAUSE SHE LIKES IT. Not to impress men. Holy shit.