Added by on January 12, 2015 Test shoot with Rob Sims in 2011 more info at / Rob Sims is now booking fitness models, for National magazine test shoots. Sims …

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  • thefarmfred1 3 years ago

    I don’t give a shit for the fishnet, she has nice skin and a good figure.

  • k901io 3 years ago

    OH-MY-GOD o_o

  • Mário Afonso Afonso 3 years ago

    Spectacular!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Applause!!!!!! Favorite Video
    and Channel Greetings – Poet Mario Afonso – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
    Lots of poetry, health and peace

  • JoLLy RoGeR 3 years ago

    GREAT¸.☆´¸.☆´¨) ¸.☆*¨)

  • CarmenManiagemini 3 years ago

    Sexy! Oooohhh!

  • Carina Scott 3 years ago

    Too long and boring!!!! I picked up a camera a year ago I could have made
    her more appealing just by changing the boring music ..nahh sorry its
    getting worse .. when does it stop..? ooh timeline at 3.49 is ultra nice ..