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Come with us as we hang out with swimsuit model and pin up model Angie in Mission Beach while at Hamels Surf Shop with a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop. See …

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  • Pete Silver 3 years ago

    Surf shop?
    And I know this will piss everyone off so go ahead and say kiss my shitty
    What I want to say is a positive thing and I wont conform to the
    brainwashed idiots!
    If she was truly vintage and pure she wouldnt have those hideous implants
    Its god damn time you “wanna be” conforming followers are exposed for what
    are all are! Tattoos dont make you cool! Harleys dont make you cool!
    fighting dosnt make you cool! Dicky’s and a fitted hat dont mean shit!
    Being and rude “hard” an inconsiderate prick is NOT cool! Fads and
    trends,the longing to be accepted, jockeying to move up in your little
    clicks like peons still in highschool is a joke! not only are these things
    the opposite of cool (and we wonder why so much is falling apart) but they
    outright suck balls! I dont give a rats ass to know where your from or hear
    you coming or how tough you think you when I dont even know you! but you
    give me no choice! Your “look at me” “lets hear it for me” BS is tired and
    really just a cry for the pathetic state your in! Get REAL wake the fuck up
    from the matrix pushed upon you, learn what it is to be so hard your not
    affected or swayed, you cant be recognized or labeled you are yourself not
    whats on your skin! Like a blank canvas you are all things! fuck the
    program! Im a bad ass! Youll never know me! you wouldnt know cool if it
    wasnt told to you!
    just saying

  • KevToon61 3 years ago

    Wow, love those air bags

  • benji beech 3 years ago

    mmmmm mumma ?

  • Dylan Keddy 3 years ago

    she can sit on my car any day

  • Joe Citizen 3 years ago

    stop talking or get voice lessons.

  • Josh Jesse 3 years ago

    Back problems?

  • dAtsuNbOy27 3 years ago


  • zevn7tp 3 years ago

    I want to make out with Angie..!!! Wow..! Yummy

  • Ooh Vegetable 3 years ago

    Casually slowly zooms out from her boobs after tattoo.

  • yudhveerji 3 years ago

    i love Angie

  • MzGreenEyes89 3 years ago

    She doesnt need a tan!!! Shes sexyyy and she looks unique

  • Rani La Rue 3 years ago

    Please. PLEASE tell me her breasts are real!!! She is so beautiful. If her
    boobs are fake that would just ruin it for me

  • PushPullPp 3 years ago

    One angle, no back, no rear view ….boooring video

  • OldsGasser58 3 years ago

    hands down favorite video on youtube

  • Anthony Lance Grecia 3 years ago

    whats her full name :) could please someone tell me

  • SidneyK1111 3 years ago

    aryan princess.

  • pfcwar5150 3 years ago

    america has the hottest women! giggity!

  • ralfietv 3 years ago

    Jeez cameraman, don’t you know that in order to get hot women you should do
    the opposite of putting her on a pedestal.

  • DrJeWelleR 3 years ago


  • LTchimp 3 years ago

    whats her name!!!

  • cherrychoclate333 3 years ago

    the way she laughs is frekin me OUT

  • nobble 3 years ago

    katy perry?

  • marchel vermeeren 3 years ago

    I LOVE ANGIE !!!

  • takoma5 3 years ago

    Angie is a beauty..great 50´s look..indeed..:)

  • Carlos rowdy 3 years ago

    You can buy her for 20 dollars and the car for 25.000 ….Ill take the car.

  • freebearride 3 years ago

    @Jeffydomer hahaaa

  • Kaneownzu 3 years ago

    I need her full name….. Like right now

  • dowopper51 3 years ago

    What car, didn’t even notice one, LOL!

  • h ortiz 3 years ago

    what a laugh on that gal, very hard to listen to

  • Dylan Keddy 3 years ago

    damn she can sit on my car any day

  • michael gee 3 years ago

    shes gorgous but she needs to not talk. lol

  • komintoes194 3 years ago

    angie who?

  • shilohismyrealname 3 years ago

    Implants are so Fifties you know.

  • Señor Superman 3 years ago

    Holly tittys. Why did she have to speak

  • JackKangaroo1 3 years ago

    There was a car in that video clip? Where, I didn’t see any car, just saw
    the girl. Where was the car…….?

  • snakeman0889 3 years ago

    Angie’s a

  • shilohismyrealname 3 years ago

    @pinkcheckerd And so natural looking.

  • Soulie 3 years ago

    didn’t know breast implants were part of the “50’s look”

  • Wills666 3 years ago

    ooooh yes

  • gonzalo javier valdivia davila 3 years ago

    wow perfect body, nice curves… I only buy that Chevy if it comes with

  • killersushi99 3 years ago

    Puts on sunglasses.Suns reflection is killin my eyes. So much white.

  • dam3879 3 years ago

    she hot !!!!

  • iCapobianco 3 years ago

    looks like katey perry

  • comey51 3 years ago

    guys eyes are moving very slowly down to her breasts

  • callmenort 3 years ago

    nice puppies

  • TheChosenOne 3 years ago

    @whysohardto LOL. When school is too much of a challenge…take your
    clothes off!

  • Hail Hopes 3 years ago

    @Jeffydomer yea its Marlyn Mahorror look

  • pmay222 3 years ago

    id munch her puss till she begged me to ring her momma