Added by on May 24, 2014 Come with us on our photo shoot with sexy swimsuit and swimwear model Melany Lorenzo at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas – See…

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  • Timothy Bui 3 years ago

    Fake nipples

  • Classic Cars & Hot Rods 3 years ago

    Sexy swimsuit model Melanie with a 1948 Pontiac Woodie
    – check out the video from our classic car and swimsuit model
    photo shoot at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas

  • skylarwillman 3 years ago

    now i like that…not the car..i mean the gorgeous nice lady

  • krpelkey 3 years ago

    @sbottig001 ur a dip shit

  • teckim 3 years ago


  • Hunter Mann 3 years ago

    Is the talking cameraman into cars or just bikini chicks? Seems he is
    trying to make conversation with her, but clearly nervous. Ironic that the
    car is a Woody…

  • King Loui 3 years ago

    that bitch is fine.

  • sbottig001 3 years ago

    what was that mel you like you like woody time…hey mel my wood could do
    with a solid work out. what do you say u up 4 workin the wood. all good mel
    just take it easy with it it’s wood it.s not titanium babe,ok…thata girl

  • alwaysopen 3 years ago

    She likes the word ‘Woody’.

  • al danceing lelemoo 3 years ago

    wooow! thank you god!

  • tweakiepop 3 years ago

    Makes me want to move to the US….Beautiful!

  • Mason Nott 3 years ago


  • thomasuras 3 years ago

    she forgot to mention she can do 3 years laundry in 1 load, one of the
    great things of the great weather