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If you want sexy thighs and a sexy butt then do this workout exercise day. Vicky is doing many great leg exercises like jumping lunges and squats, really workout your lower body. Try it! For…


Hot Bikini


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  • Steven Mata 3 years ago

    ….i’m an excellent typist so i’m typing this comment with my eyes closed
    in order to show you dearheart that physical looks mean absolutely nothing
    to me sweetest vicky….i’m trying to show and prove to you that i care and
    love you only for your mind…. try to understand that it is only your
    personality and your intellect that attracts me in every asspect

  • BikiniModelFitness 3 years ago
  • BLASIANFITNESS 3 years ago

    I’m moving to Florida 

  • AR Taken 3 years ago

    that thumbnail got me

  • YouAreMyHabit 3 years ago

    first muhuhahahahahah bow to me fools!

  • william carson 3 years ago

    Dat ass.

  • Alejandro Sotelo 3 years ago

    My girlfriend will love this >:)

  • Maryjane Monarch 3 years ago

    I enjoy the work out with Vicki the best. What do bikini models eat?

  • MrEdium 3 years ago

    “THE GORGEOUS ONE” is a Heart Killer…………..

  • salam hfe 3 years ago

    Damn girl…
    +1 william

  • Nach Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Thanks for another fantastic leg and butt workout. Cant wait to try it
    tonight! You’re amazing. :)

  • sdv73168 3 years ago

    I’m exhausted just watching her. I think I’ll take nap now… zzzzz

  • MaRiSSaLoVeSbLuE2 3 years ago

    I subscribed to your program and also use these videos to guide me through
    my journey to a better and healthier body it helped me a
    lot…Unfortunately, I stopped after about a month and a half bc i started
    working 76+ hours a week for the past 3 months and just slacked off on
    taking care of myself…I did not work out much prior to this so I did see
    a huge difference shortly after I started. I lost a lot of fat which was my
    goal…went from 132 lbs to 117…Wish I had kept it up though. Now I’m
    going to start the workouts again to start building.. I have already
    started making arrangements to work out everyday and eating healthy..i hope
    i can get the diet part right since im going to be eating more so hope to
    get back on track soon. Just want to say thank you! For all the help and

  • Antonio Carrión 3 years ago

    It is very fast in the exercises never tires is immortal

  • cary simmons 3 years ago

    Vicky would be good at any martial art. She already has the strength and

  • n8vdescent 3 years ago


  • Alyssa Mona 3 years ago

    I wish I could exercise

  • bluetorch181 3 years ago

    Vicky has put on some serious lean sexy mass 

  • cary simmons 3 years ago

    A goddess