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Stretch your body before you workout, be more flexible and limber. Check out my workouts

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  • fairynstarzz 3 years ago

    ohhhh…ma pleasure….u d’d much workhard for us n post many excercises to
    make us fit like our personal trainer…thax so much pavla.

  • Pavla Perfectleanbody 3 years ago

    thank you! You inspire, motivate me as well!:-)

  • cu decalango 3 years ago

    Loved the red bikini

  • fairynstarzz 3 years ago

    woahhhhooo,,,,,u look super gorgeous n hot in bikini ……like i said
    before u alwaz motivate me to do workouts,eat clean n get beautiful body
    like u…..thax so much….;)

  • anuszkap24 3 years ago

    Hi, could you do some more workouts with bosu please xxx

  • Pavla Perfectleanbody 3 years ago

    Napište vlastní zprávu