Added by on June 16, 2014

When its a nice day at the beach you go outside in your bikini and get a workout done. Here’s some random exercises Vicky is doing for her abs, legs, and butt at the beach.

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  • BikiniModelFitness 3 years ago
  • clw9680 3 years ago

    I always find her videos quite cute :)

  • vobrasolo 3 years ago

    Outstanding in HD !

  • MrEdium 3 years ago

    “THE GORGEOUS ONE” is killing me with her beauty & knowledge of those
    killer workouts…………..

  • Escar go 3 years ago

    you make it look so easy…

  • James McClure 3 years ago

    Some of the fellows over at the other women’s workout channel are checking
    out the new hot athlete wondering how Vicky would reply. Well – here is
    the incredibly sexy reply that blows away the other girl as well as any
    other hot girl on Miami’s South Beach. Vicky!

  • Acacia Dow 3 years ago

    Sometimes when doin those rotating planks my elbows you have the
    same problem and if so what do you do?i just fold up a tee shirt nd use it
    as extra support

  • cu decalango 3 years ago

    very sexy 

  • Antonio Carrión 3 years ago

    good fucking beautiful sun

  • AssAdmiration 3 years ago


  • chictomana 3 years ago

    Vicky is now just showing off

  • hichcoc 3 years ago

    With your fine ass….