Added by on May 8, 2014 Sexy American Indian Themed Bikini Party! Miami Beach! Native Americans within the boundaries of the present-day United States (inc…

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  • Optimalillusion 3 years ago

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • Alberto Ortiz 3 years ago

    Quiere venir a mi casa hacer algo contigo

  • riothero313 3 years ago

    lol sounds like one shallow worthless bastard. I assume it’s not his fault
    but. how he was raised.

  • Aryan Singh 3 years ago

    Loved to see Indian chicks in Bikini…

  • Matineemasala 3 years ago

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  • poop oo 3 years ago


  • Langtry613 3 years ago


  • DlikeDennis 3 years ago

    pvp saaan

  • Crazyw0lf58 3 years ago

    no u mean delete history

  • poop oo 3 years ago

    u spin muy mom

  • Jimmy Muradin 3 years ago

    and the spanish, portugese, french, and dutch

  • hipphopanonymous 3 years ago

    What a bunch of rude racist fucks.

  • msenin92 3 years ago

    kurang bugil

  • Anita Pereira 3 years ago


  • Don Sumore 3 years ago

    Wow! This is completly racist and disrespectfull! There shoudve have been
    snipers picking off everyone of the Krakkkas that entered this party!!! How
    dispicable! I couldn’t believe this shit!! But then again, Krakkkas are
    fucken stupid!!! What a bunch of assholes!!!

  • XxMW3KINGZxX12 3 years ago

    dude there white. what did you expect?

  • CobaltRaine 3 years ago

    What?? You expected better from them?? They’ve always been the kind to
    mock, ridicule or kill what they fear and don’t understand or to try to
    co-opt something and call it their own.

  • angela Lazon 3 years ago

    i find nothing wrong with being sexy and yes native people are the sexiest
    on the planet to me maybe because im native ha ha and i have been getting
    bitched at for having my opinion about ur video but that is all it is an
    opinion i dont think there is anything wrong with defending my race or
    culture and im sure people have been miss judged or mispercieved in thier
    own life. so all im saying is to be more respectful of our culture as many
    people have no idea how beautiful our culture is

  • theKarmsnipers 3 years ago

    go on the video right click and click stop download and ENJOY THE PICTURE

  • Lara Lee 3 years ago

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  • E.C Arnold 3 years ago

    Fucking hate white people.

  • ingridgot 3 years ago

    I love to go to parties on the beach is fun

  • vuur166 3 years ago

    where do you think americans came from dickhead

  • legueu 3 years ago

    Indian, yeah right, we wouldn’t want the europeans monarchies to know we
    are not on the right continent. You are 400 years late.

  • stereolove79 3 years ago

    brush up your English noob!

  • dede permadi 3 years ago

    biasa aja goyangan nya ga ad ygn mantap

  • angela Lazon 3 years ago

    i dont want any more comments to me a bout this it has waisted my time and
    i wont change how i feel about it so have a good life to all

  • baddoggie101 3 years ago

    I find people like you to be dull and like a cracker and sterile like your

  • TDuD3 3 years ago

    fap button 0:54