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Bikini Workout


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  • Aziz Alanazi 3 years ago

    I miss the old Simona

  • john roig 3 years ago

    Your really good at opening your legs. If you know what I mean! Lolol

  • Tsepang Mokoena 3 years ago

    sexy n flexzy

  • felix8709 3 years ago

    Go and eat some more burgers you fat, jealous sow :)

  • Silverbug1991 3 years ago

    so sexi 😉

  • BAKARDAN1 3 years ago

    ahahaha true story

  • CzechFitnessGirl 3 years ago

    Momentalne ziju v Recku na Halkidiki, ale domu jezdim za rodinou.

  • claudedoubon4 3 years ago

    Wow what an amazing sexy body with perfect breast and belly! Maybe you
    could be my mother, but if I spotted you at the beach I would keep on
    staring at your incredibly sexy body hoping you notice the uncontrollable
    hardons you make me have!

  • invertedlow 3 years ago

    If you ever intend to convey anything but you hypocritical stupidity,
    you’ll have to learn a language first.

  • mcgyversworld 3 years ago

    To shy!

  • Satanismisgood 3 years ago

    JoyofSatan . org

  • 1218jmm 3 years ago

    Well, I tried joking, then explaining it. Now, I’ll go in a different
    direction: Hey, if you like sucking cock, have at it, dude. Then, you can
    eat shit and die. We can only pray that people like you stick with packing
    fudge and don’t reproduce. Please develop AIDS and die a slow, lingering
    horrible death.

  • Artem Stokolos 3 years ago

    my penis:click on this me:ok

  • sagatbalrog 3 years ago

    whats sexy is diferent to everybody. not everyone likes muscular figure on
    women .

  • merson nois q ta 3 years ago

    fri bikini woman has breast is so pro woman fri Brazil see that you have an
    orgasm you are looking fri kkkkkkkk

  • FUC KIR 3 years ago


  • nicklaca47 3 years ago

    yeahh that not sexy ahaha

  • WKRPinCINN 3 years ago

    …ah… im working out… but it aint what this girl is doing… damn

  • Chuck Norris 3 years ago

    Could you do a video without sunglasses one day? Your viewers want to see
    your pretty eyes. 😉

  • invertedlow 3 years ago

    I’m not the asswipe who stated about another: “yeah but their boobs look
    like they took botox”, you are. If you don’t understand the meaning of the
    word criticizing then you are also a very stupid, fat asswipe. Now we know
    even more about why you don’t have friends. Like people have tried to point
    out to you throughout your life, you are a fat asshole inside. It’s a
    metaphore, stupid. However, you’re too much of a retarded asshole to even
    learn anything, so you will continue to be what you are.

  • foreheadxxl 3 years ago

    How many people actually watched this to learn about yoga?

  • 3333glen 3 years ago

    I’d like to give her a czech-up.

  • Max Israel 3 years ago

    big camel-toe

  • 1218jmm 3 years ago

    It was clearly a joke. I guess your mission is to go through You Tube and
    find things that offend you? I guess I am not surprised, this is the era of
    people who have no life unless they are offended and have something to
    fight. Too many people taking themselves too seriously. Very sad. Get a

  • furq1234 3 years ago

    Wow 3,515,423 views! People must really like yoga.

  • FallopianCanoeist 3 years ago

    smells pretty inviting from where I’m strokin’…..I mean- sittin’

  • Kyron 3 years ago

    so i’m a bad person because i don’t like women with boobs that look
    absolutely fucking scary? and stop censoring swear words, this is not a
    school. makes sense that i don’t have friends because of a preference,
    you’re very mature aren’t you?

  • Jeff Klem 3 years ago