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buy my new book “Curvy and Loving It” here GO WEAR A BIKINI…


Sexy Bikini


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  • GlamourGirls34 3 years ago

    I have been wearing a bikini since I was 2

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    Trisha you absolute legend of a woman! Your voiceover on the beach and the
    bikini dance made me feel SO HAPPY! HERE HERE! Everyone should love
    themselves RIGHT NOW and not WHEN they have clear skin or WHEN they are
    skinny or WHEN their hair is this way or that way…love you for you,
    people <3 

  • carmenls2 3 years ago

    Be a pretty big girl but do it with class. Come on. Her fake everything is
    yelling out insecure. She is pretty she doesn’t need to dress like a

  • Kitty Cicoria 3 years ago

    Maybe instead of getting a breast augmentation you should have got

  • ♡Sass Princess♡ 3 years ago

    that bikini is going to leave such bad tan lines lol

  • Stacy Pratt 3 years ago

    Can’t put on a bikini :( Just can’t. Not skinny enough. Not that I don’t
    exercise and try to eat healthy. But I will never get down to the weight I
    want. :(

  • Micheal David 3 years ago

    I think every woman big or small should wear a bikini and not get
    criticised, you should embrace your body its beautiful. 

  • blndsundoll4mj 3 years ago
  • Bonnie Pacheco 3 years ago

    Trish, I agree with you. However, if someone is obese they should really
    worry about their health.

  • xOhhKaycee 3 years ago

    My body looks exactly like yours but my ass and thighs have SO much
    cellulite. I can’t even see yours on this video or any other videos you’ve
    made. How do you get rid of it/make it less noticeable? 

  • kimmidoll123 3 years ago

    Really Trisha? “Skinny bitches”. Really? Just because I’m ‘skinny’, you’re
    allowed to call me a bitch? If someone calls someone else a “fat bitch”
    everyone looses their minds, but go ahead and call me a skinny bitch. What
    happened to your “everyone is beautiful” way of thinking?

  • Robotic Lover 3 years ago

    Trish I’ve seen all your videos and let me say this is all an act. There is
    a difference in being so confident in your body that you like to show it
    off, and being so self conscious with yourself that you show off your body
    in the hopes that someone will like it and give you attention. You have to
    read your own words to remind yourself that you are comfortable in your
    skin. You made a video crying about how much you hate the way you look and
    admitted you put on a happy face. You admit you dressed like this when you
    were a stripper and sleeping your way through Hollywood because you hated
    yourself. Then you changed absolutely nothing about yourself but claim you
    do it now out of self respect. That isn’t how it works. It’s a huge battle
    to fight and you don’t seem to be trying very hard. You still post videos
    of you acting slutty and wearing shirts that say cum rag. You post videos
    saying why men are better than women, and cry in the next one wondering why
    you attract assholes and no guy will treat you as an equal. I’m sorry but
    you need help. And no amount of videos claiming you love your body will
    help, because it’s just an excuse to get practically naked and read all the
    nice comments telling you how beautiful you are.

  • Emi Dellaine 3 years ago

    it’s not that being big is ugly or gross, it’s just very unhealthy. people
    should watch their health, not exactly their weight.

  • PhilanaZoie 3 years ago

    I wish all girls felt like this. Trish your confidence is so strong it
    makes you 9999999xs more attractive than you are! Confidence is key people,
    take notes! 

  • Monique Bass 3 years ago

    idk why the skinny girls are getting so mad. she wasn’t saying “skinny
    bitches” in a mean way. People say that all the time, I call my best friend
    a skinny bitch all the time. I don’t mean it in a rude way. Girls call
    eachother bitches and hoes as a greeting, she was trying to be relatable.
    She was telling people to love the body they have, skinny or fat. Just put
    on a bikini and go out and not care what other people think. Also, the
    people who are calling her fat and gross, seriously? Some people who are
    bigger do try to lose weight, but their body types won’t let them be a size
    zero. I know my body will not let me be a size zero and look healthy. When
    I start getting around 115, size 5 jeans , I get told to gain weight
    because I look unhealthy. If somebody loves themselves, then why hate them
    for it?? She’s letting the bigger girls know it’s okay to be who you are.
    But she isn’t saying “everyone, be fat it’s better” she said she wasn’t a
    doctor, so that means that if a doctor is telling you to lose weight
    because you are UNHEALTHY, then lose weight. The skinny girls hating on
    this video/hating on people being bigger are the bitches, in general. 

  • Yoruko Chikokoro 3 years ago

    I’m always told by my mother that I need to lose weight or else guys will
    never look at me, that I looked better back when I weighed 180 lbs. She
    keeps begging me to lose weight and it really damaged my self-confidence.
    And I actually believe her because I’m 19 and I’ve never had a boyfriend
    and guys literally never talk or look at me. :( I’m always wearing pants in
    no matter what weather because I’m so insecure about my scarred, sometimes
    discolored, and really jiggly legs. Even though I need to lose weight now
    because of a life threatening health problem I just recently ran into, I
    honestly don’t think I’ll be able to go out in a bikini until I lose like
    100 lbs. :(

    I really admire your self-confidence and I wish I could have that.

  • Tara M 3 years ago

    There’s a fine line between body acceptance and being ignorant of how
    unhealthy you are. Also… who wears such a slimy cake face to the beach?
    ALSO, Trisha you illiterate scam artist, your self-published book sounds
    like mind numbing trash. Clothing is made in all colors, shapes, sizes
    because CONSUMERISM, dumb ho. YES, itty bitty bikinis are made in XXXXXL
    sizes, so are crop tops, mini skirts, etc. That’s because there are people
    out there that WILL buy them. Does that mean you SHOULD just because it’s
    out there? How about wear something flattering to your damn body; THAT
    should be ‘acceptance’. How can you even make a book about “embracing the
    way you are” when this bitch has had cosmetic procedures and wears clown
    makeup everyday even to the beach smh.

  • iman mohammed 3 years ago

    if she can call skinny girls “skinny bitches” i can call fat girls “fat

  • Mustang Sallie 3 years ago

    Loved it Trish! I was actually embarrassed that bikini season was back in.
    But I’ll be loving my body. You make me realize that I was perfect at a
    size 4 and I’m perfect now at a size 8/9!

  • EricDorffen 3 years ago


  • Dani C. 3 years ago

    There fat women go again! Passing off being FAT as curvy or thick smh. Quit
    trying to justify it as something good and sexy. Book sales must be not
    doing that great huh Trish? That’s why you had to torture everyone by
    jiggling around the beach.

  • Jessica Jessy 3 years ago

    I am no way trying to be mean, but it seems like shes hating on skinny

  • IH8YH 3 years ago

    now THATS a woman!!!!

  • Wusel S. 3 years ago

    You are beautiful. I love your curves. I wish I had more. I’m too skinny
    because of a thyroid illness and I try to gain weight. You look wonderful.
    I can’t stand all those size zero chicks. I really enjoy watching you.

  • Emma somethingxx 3 years ago

    skinny bitches? well you’re a fat bitch

  • Mandy Renee 3 years ago

    You know, it’s one thing to be happy with the way you look, and not be
    ashamed of your body, but it totally different when you walk around with
    your boobs and ass hanging out. There’s a thin line between not being
    afraid to wear summer clothes, and dressing like a slut. I see women of
    ALL shapes and sizes walking around with their shorts up SO high I can
    literally see the start of their butt cheeks. What happened to simple
    modesty? Be proud of your body, but have the class and decency to leave
    some to the imagination. 

  • XxVictoriaSecretx 3 years ago

    Trisha I think there’s something wrong with your boobs, I am not being mean
    but your cleavage looks abnormal. You need to go back to your plastic
    surgeon, your boobs look super droopy.

  • Princess0Alin 3 years ago


  • Michele Gomes 3 years ago

    CUZ OF WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. God. People are so fucking retarded nowadays. 

  • di ana 3 years ago


  • poutybloom30 3 years ago

    you look amazing seriously you have no cellulite at all!! i don’t even own
    a bikini wouldn’t dare to get into one! lol you have such a toned body so i
    guess thats why you look amazing! x x

  • Meagan Hannah 3 years ago

    I always got picked on in school because I have hairy arms.. I wore hoodies
    everyday, and I haven’t wore a short-sleeved shirt in years! Here I am now
    going into High School, and Trisha has taught me to love my body (I know
    this video is intended to be on size) But I finally quit caring what other
    people think.. And I don’t have to sweat to death in school! Thanks

  • Vaderick Fowler 3 years ago

    Trish ant curvy she fat

  • Jahvie Fan 3 years ago

    I would love to wear a bikini, but my mom won’t let me because I’m fat.

  • Adelaide Agbozo 3 years ago

    omg, all these negative comments are so annoying. Trish is just saying that
    you should love your body for what it is right now, and be confident in
    yourself. Yes, if you’re overweight and unhealthy, you should try and loose
    weight; but still be confident no matter what size you are! And tbh, trish
    loves herself and her body so much, i’m pretty sure she gives no regard to
    your negative comments.

  • Menoni Osegbu 3 years ago

    Girl hit the gym And Quick

  • HOPEANDSMILES 3 years ago

    you are amazing!!! 

  • Amanda Marie 3 years ago

    I honestly don’t consider you “big” I think you look awesome in that
    bikini! Great message! Continued success on your book hunny! ;)

  • hollie jessica 3 years ago

    I would never do that, meh. Wish I was like you Trish.
    ps: where did you get this bikini?

  • Freelee the Banana Girl 3 years ago

    I think the core message of this video is wonderful Trish thx and I love
    your confidence and attitude I really do… However, saying ’embrace your
    body’ (even if it’s not physically healthy) can be dangerous and keep
    people unhealthy and in denial. A better message would be ’embrace your
    *healthy* body’ because health is what is truly important here and we
    simply cannot be healthy at any weight, the statistics have shown that time
    and time again. Ignoring the signs of illness arising in the body
    associated with being overweight causes pain and misery for millions of
    people in denial everyday. Over 17 million people died world-wide last year
    associated with being overweight and eating poorly because they didn’t feel
    the need to change their lifestyle. The reality is getting uncomfortable
    with ourselves (not embracing our unhealthy bodies) can be an excellent
    motivator to get our shit together and whip ourselves into shape. Lettuce
    encourage healthy food and living because when we truly love our bodies we
    nourish them with nutritious healthy foods and keep them at a healthy body

  • fabb ♥ tv 3 years ago
  • santonegra 3 years ago

    She is gorgeous and completely normal, not fat or obese. That body is
    obviously strong and healthy and beautiful and anyone who turns up thir
    nose at her has psychological problems which is way worse than being fat. I
    hate how the skinny bitches are up in arms everytime a normal girl puts out
    a video like this – whining oh ppl discriminate against them. Who the hell
    discriinates against skiinny? They are constantly praised and you see
    anorexic looking girls walking around half naked all the time like they are
    the only ones who look good. Any skinmy girl who automatically watches
    vifeos like this and pretends to get ‘offended’ is really just trying to
    call attention, once more, to herself for being thin. Using some
    transparent reverse psychology to get noticed and hijacking a video that is
    not about you is such a douchebag move. I’m glad trish put this out there
    because it is body affirming, something the majority of girls and grown
    women desperately need to see and hear. We are beautiful, our bodies are
    healthy and gorgeous, and we must always be proud of them. Let the skinny
    bitches die in protest while we frolic!

  • Nia Smith 3 years ago

    Trish your perfect,you inspire me.
    I think your the most beautiful girl in the world and your the best!!