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After the murder of Ulriel Septim and the meteoric rise and fall of Martin, it was thought that the Septim line was finished. But unknown to all was the gorg…

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  • U4EM3 3 years ago

    Awesome video. I used to do stuff like this, except with many girls. I lost
    all of my mods though (had over 200) so I stopped doing it. I might start
    again soon it was really fun.

  • GreenGearMood 3 years ago

    I think you’ve really got a knack for this. I love the song you use, as
    well. This is the first time I’ve heard it.

  • eddie20haskell 3 years ago

    Thanks, I try… :) New Order is one of the great bands that gets lost in
    the shuffle.

  • amlcarbarca 3 years ago

    Nice story!

  • alexandre779 3 years ago


  • LubeUpYourTube 3 years ago