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Serena Williams Hot Bikini Body! – Serena Williams shows off her bikini body In Miami.Serena we guess took some time off the tennis court and donned this tin…


Hot Bikini


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  • clarksteel98 3 years ago

    its a man guys, its a fucking trans 

  • kakarott saini 3 years ago

    Hot??? OMG how in the world is this is hot….. its soul shaking scary. She
    or rather He is like a T-Rex on steroids. She is like the last nephilim
    that somehow survived the great flood.

  • trha2222 3 years ago

    That is positively grotesque. I prefer women who are actually feminine. Not
    raging on roids.

  • a1duzit 3 years ago

    I don’t understand why people hate so much on Serena. She has curves and
    she’s solid. Women are suppose to have to shape and not look like they’re
    still in middle school

  • brokenlibrary2591 3 years ago

    The purple shorts clearly show her package. There’s nothing wrong with
    heshe being beautiful and strong, but it’s not fair to compete
    professionally with the unfair advantage of brute strength.

  • ikeogut 3 years ago

    Have you ever seen hot body??? I assure you this is not it….

  • KevinProNOW 3 years ago

    She-Ape YUCK!

  • mcatv 3 years ago

    Is Mike Tyson wearing a bikini.

  • shroomingnewman 3 years ago

    anyone who thinks serena williams is sexy is attracted to trannys. that’s
    a fact…

  • beachcomber4evah 3 years ago

    Now that’s a perfect specimen of a woman. Black and Beautiful.
    Strong,talented and rich. May the Nubian queen reign for many years to

  • jesse gibson 3 years ago

    OMG The unjustified comments are clearly coming from people that are
    jealous and resent the fact that this young lady is black and beautiful so
    you bring up lame ass shit about steroids and she’s a man which if were so
    she would be dominating the women’s circuit even more so then she is
    already! Move past your hate and bigotry people and acknowlege the fact
    that one day this black pearl may have to be declared as THE WORLD’S
    GREATEST WOMEN’S PLAYER EVER and I know that thought and possible fact
    makes you saps sick to your very souls because after all this is suppose to
    be your game!

  • Carlos Rupert 3 years ago

    serena and venus are brothers is like mili vanelli fraud from the music
    industry. Case Closed.

  • Laurence Pinney 3 years ago

    In the words of Austin Powers, “That’s a MAN, man!”

    Hmm, I guess I might be open to the idea that Serena Williams is a shaved
    Wookiee. Still, though – this is better than some of her tennis outfits
    where she looks like a gorilla in a tutu. 

  • yahoo1o1 3 years ago

    Its cool to hate on Serena but she has nice boobs and ass. The stuff that
    all these other girls are paying thousands for. With Serena it’s God given.
    I love natural women.

  • Feel free 3 years ago

    His belly button is at the same hight as his hips,, female hips begin above
    the belly button thats 100% sientifically true. She is a fucking
    transgender. He has male lower arms,, a male neck and male muscles. They
    might do his make up good and dress him wel and he had probably hormones,,
    but he cant hid his male anatomy that dousnt lies. And the anatomy is the
    same fore white and fore black females. The truth is in front of our eyes.
    And ow,, dont get mad at me tennis lovers,,, she is the one who has bin
    fooling you,, and her sister,, and dad and the I.O.C at the olympics. YES

  • tsohgallik 3 years ago

    Who’s the narrator? Microsoft Sams distant cousin, Microsoft Gupta?

  • panos kevre 3 years ago

    don’t you like her?and you keep seeing videos of her?so,i suppose all of
    you have some kind of envy for her.for me she’s a very hot woman.she has
    wild beauty and a killer booty.i like her to death.

  • TNToncourt 3 years ago

    That’s why her/his book is called ‘Queen of the court’ ie…drag Queen.

  • coolyouthrod 3 years ago

    “tiny-vini bikini” ……and….I’m done.

  • Smack Orino 3 years ago

    nothing hot about that

  • Wielki Hrabia 3 years ago

    “she” is fvcking ugly.

  • Ocean Blue 3 years ago

    This woman speaking has a horrible accent! 

  • arrayOFpossibilities 3 years ago

    10/10 would get banged

  • Sarah Godwin 3 years ago

    Serena Williams is magnificently highly skilled AND Serena Williams has the
    most Womanly figure on the Women’s tour. Good to see a REAL woman who is
    such an amazingly great athlete. Our artists make manifest what we human
    beings intuit at the cellular level: The Strongest Woman Is The Most
    WOMANLY Woman. Artists Always depict Female Superheroes With CURVES! Goooo,
    Serena, Goool!

  • Pinsuda Healy 3 years ago

    Shes so beautiful and curvy!!!

  • Chooka Crick 3 years ago

    Yor RightLol! Men love watching women play sport.
    Serena is just Gorgeous – plenty o’ shape everywhere YUM!
    Big boobs never stopped girls playing sport – they bounce gorgeously …
    but so does the rest of her ;)

  • Thalita guimaraes 3 years ago

    is a man

  • ellaarr fwfegrw 3 years ago

    Cv disks

  • 25mitts 3 years ago

    Hot bikini body? If you call this gran&gender hot then you need to check
    your eyes.

  • BSmenot 3 years ago

    That is a man with boobs.

  • Comrade Comrae 3 years ago

    looks a bit like chris gayle well i dont know i think so but she is sexy no

  • Otha Dennis 3 years ago

    sexy sexy sexy this is how a women should look!!!!!!

  • Beautiful and confident. Greatest female tennis player of all time. Keep it
    up Serena, we’re all following you, even the haters. Thanks for the video!

  • amg123451 3 years ago

    Full on man

  • martin joseph 3 years ago

    Perfect body.

  • rossmark738 3 years ago

    sexy as hell her an her sister 

  • Laurence Pinney 3 years ago

    Anonymous? What, my name and picture weren’t enough for you? Do you want my
    address and phone number, too?

  • radnarley 3 years ago

    SHE IS A MAN!!!

  • CDS Hollywood 3 years ago
  • alidaygo619 3 years ago

    damn i wouldn’t use a condom at all lol

  • E.B jombo 3 years ago

    You got to be a football player or basketball player, or a really big dude
    to handle this right, cause she looks really big and strong. Lol!


    Nao contava que ela e gostosa

  • Princess West 3 years ago

    Where do they get their narrators from?

  • GoBlueO23 3 years ago

    Its a he….its not fucking hard to tell 

  • lovesexyhoneys89 3 years ago

    I don’t know why people say she’s manly, she’s one of the sexiest women in