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Exotic sexy Caribbean tropical eyecandy urban Bikini Model Jazzie! [Slideshow of photoshoot by Shaune Saunders]

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  • tommy bear bear 3 years ago

    a woman who was born to please a man in bed…my future baby mama..dam

  • dana brindwa 3 years ago

    That is naste and Beautilful !!!!

  • kallahari 3 years ago

    She has a beautiful body but the wig has to go, it’s not looking nice maybe
    if she tru it back a little.? .nice pictures

  • kallahari 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders I agree a 100% with the comment of Skullview666 .All eyes
    are drawn to her booty and her boobs and that’s oke but if she shows
    different face expressions (softer, straigther,dreamy , etc etc) than the
    pictures are more different, also the picture with the legs wide open is
    not pretty I think.Photo’s can be taking more subtle and stil look sexy.
    When you take these tips in consideration you will grow as a
    photographer…I didn’t mean to diss you I respect you… Kind regards..

  • Strauth 3 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahaha WTF!?.. Ideals are so fucked up now a days… and who
    the fuck is the mutant making wierd faces in the slideshow? Also Shaun cant
    photograph for SHIT..

  • kallahari 3 years ago

    @kallahari And offcourse i will check out the other photo’s.I will not
    leave a comment anymore though lol.

  • PheeFhee 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders I fully agree.

  • Skullview666 3 years ago

    The main problem I see with many of the shots is that the model doesn’t
    appear to have been posed properly for her body type and she looks
    uncomfortable in some shots. So much so that it shows on her face. Either
    that or she just doesn’t take direction well. That water was also probably
    freezing which won’t help ether. As for your work and some earlier
    comments, you’ll always get critics. Hell, even Picasso and Renoir had
    their critics and they are considered geniuses in their field.

  • Skullview666 3 years ago

    @Shaune, sorry for late reply. Can’t really comment on other vids per se,
    but have seen a couple of yours. All the girls look amazing btw, but all
    seem to have similar problems. Nearly every shot has the girl looking
    square into the camera. Some models look more natural, when they face away,
    & in these, looking out to sea for example. Also with black girls, which I
    love, they have very striking features, so when they try a sexy look, it
    sometimes comes off looking angry instead. Some of the mod

  • soleboi78 3 years ago

    Thank’s for uploading this video your so hot think I’m going to dream of
    you tonight,”Yes”

  • shadayafreeman 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders Im not trying to be mean Im just stating the obvious…and
    of course if a person doesnt like something in this day and time then they
    must be “hatin”. Like COMMON said “if I dont like it I dont like dat dont
    mean dat ZIm hatin”. Hey there plenty women that make money off implants!
    Men dont care as long as its big! You gota understand that everybody wont
    like you thats just the world and if u gon get mad everytime somebody dont
    say ooo ahhh u need not post video….word life!

  • Strauth 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders yeah well thats totally like your own oppinion man. You’re
    still a bad photograper

  • Arbind Prasad Dikshit 3 years ago

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  • shadayafreeman 3 years ago


  • Skullview666 3 years ago

    @Shaune. Some of the models need to relax the muscles in their face more,
    for that softer look. The model in this vid, is very bottom heavy which
    some guys love, others may not, so mix shots showcasing that, which u have,
    interspersed with other shots, with her in more natural pose, such as
    playing in the water, with a shot capturing the splash in fluid motion, so
    her face & body won’t always appear so rigid. Hope that helps.

  • shadayafreeman 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders Well I understand what u mean “Dont have anything good to
    say then say nothing at all” which I can degg that…I COULD take on that
    outlook if its my choice but I you still have to see that you are far to
    emotional. Im reading the other comments and uhh yeah you are toooo
    emotional! Fuck what people think if you confident in your work then fuck
    what we say bruh cuz u gon always have critics

  • kallahari 3 years ago

    @shaunesaunders Ow now you’re thanking me? well ur welcome hope you will
    succide in your next photo’s.Goodluck to you

  • LPhils 3 years ago

    exotic caribbean eye candy is natural without fake hair, tittie tattoo, and
    tatted up boody ink. you are a porno stripper, not a model, exotic, or eye
    candy. remove the fake hair/weave, the make-up, the tattoo, and the
    stripper face.

  • Darius Williams 3 years ago

    yummy video