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SAUVAGE DESIGNER : ELIZABETH SOUTHWOOD The original Sauvage collection has been supplemented recently with the Luxe by Sauvage collection , a very sophistica…

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  • Kneedragon1962 3 years ago

    You very often see the designer walk on at the end, for a little
    acknowledgement from the crowd, but you don’t often mistake her for one of
    the models. A talented and skilful lady, obviously, but also very cute.

  • samuelceeee 3 years ago

    damn awesome vid. does anyone know who the model at 02:20 is ? she is

  • Binaya bihari Mohanty 3 years ago

    Hi. I am single lady.. Believe me it is not easy to control your
    orgasm….because at the end of the video I had to go my bath room … for
    hot orgasm,…..And honestly lonely life is very painful to spend whole
    night…. so ultimately I go for self pleasure which is the last resort.
    for me … unspeakable pleasure… Yes.