Added by on November 2, 2014

A Photo montage of some bad azz muscle cars and bikini models ….Lots of FORD MOPAR PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE BUICK and there might even be a little rice in there …

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  • SGTJDerek 3 years ago

    Anyone else miss Hot Rod’s Swimsuit edition? Or does anyone even remember

  • Austin Muzzerolle 3 years ago

    Sexy y

  • vistacruiser67 3 years ago

    Thanks Big Jerr.

  • CoolVIguy 3 years ago

    Nicely done Jerr…good editing man

  • Josh Howard 3 years ago

    Hell Yeah!!!! 2 of my favorite things!!!!!! Good job Jerr!

  • AWE5OMUS 3 years ago

    The chick at 1:58 must have had a fender bender………. cause her air
    bags are deployed!

  • Henzzman 3 years ago

    Id still take the bad ass muscle,instead of a cheap ho.