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Muscle Beach Bikini Contest in Venice Beach, California. Sexy Sports Fitness at Muscle Beach!

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  • fittalk 3 years ago

    a winner …..

  • enemay 3 years ago

    Fake tits are nasty

  • Alex Hernandez 3 years ago

    There is nothing attractive about any of them it’s disgusting 

  • PimpingRice 3 years ago

    First girl was dark and flat chested no wonder she lost

  • RU4BN8OUT 3 years ago

    I think the negro at the beginning was sexy

  • thompsoon3 3 years ago

    too much fake tan

  • sergio pineda 3 years ago


  • hobo10101010rsmaster 3 years ago

    0:57,Now that’s an ass you would FUCK

  • Kendra L 3 years ago

    why do white girls paint them selfs black just to model or look good except
    that your white and just love the skin your in

  • rbabhi 3 years ago

    no offence but ALL of them are ugly looking.

  • light102000 3 years ago

    so humiliating for women. look how they turn around

  • TheWakeUp 3 years ago

    Ugly Skanks

  • TurboDLT 3 years ago


  • Kita Smrdliva 3 years ago

    Colonists… >.>

  • RealProf01 3 years ago

    no boobs.

  • Alissa 3 years ago

    *Sigh* seems like most bikini models are flat chested/have fake boobs w/
    their “perfect bods” I wanna see a real girl with the whole package for

  • Landotter1 3 years ago

    The gal that walked away with the trophy definately had the best figure.
    Hourglass, firm tight butt, firm legs, great chest…. She stole the show.
    The others…. eeeeh nope….

  • Clay Vin 3 years ago

    Girls, you are pretty good looking, just avoid too much tanning xD

  • Lord Asem 3 years ago

    @masterflashito and no boobs

  • 0:35 is maleish

  • swingersfan 3 years ago

    2nd girl was a real butterface.

  • Hashplant47 3 years ago

    No contest.

  • Marlon Smith 3 years ago

    if you want to find toned women like them or more courveous, than have a
    look on worldwideshagging . com

  • Superio Man 3 years ago

    a-i24we=0-9 rwr8r8qi=-2efigv 9fjdrtfd rf6789oi0-jhgftgyhju sorry i had to
    clean the cum all over my keyboard.

  • Giammy Botta 3 years ago

    train fuckin hard!

  • ali00118 3 years ago

    you know why she won, because she is the only one with nice chest and
    perfect tan..

  • demonpl1000 3 years ago


  • Vic Fontaine 3 years ago

    1:27 just look how the “girl” in the pink bikini walks off…like a
    freaking cop with guns of her hips

  • mrekbass 3 years ago

    @WadeMitchell88 Ibiza, you fucking jag-off! Being as though you have never
    been there and I’ve been there more than a dozen times, I’d advise you to
    keep your personal lack of world travel and expertise problems to yourself!
    Just some advice on life. Fucking kike!

  • Pierre Norlen 3 years ago

    Wow what a let down.. only the last girl looks good and is fit..

  • jose gabriel holanda 3 years ago

    compare these girls with brazillians girls

  • runxz1 3 years ago

    why did they all try to make themselves have the skin complexion of a black

  • MrKiko8 3 years ago

    1:14 fail fat ugly girl xD

  • Chochaw420 3 years ago

    There are no “FAKE” boobs… only enhanced… by the way, if you dont think
    she is hot due to her perfect “enhanced” tits. you are definitely tuning
    meat whistles.

  • Jose Roman 3 years ago

    0:33 oh hell no

  • AzNAnhKhoa 3 years ago


  • scrni5b 3 years ago

    too muscular!

  • matoberry 3 years ago

    That’s why she won…

  • hitthecouch 3 years ago

    Is first prize a boob job?

  • Albino Da Silva Lopes 3 years ago

    what is the name of the finalist?

  • AkikoVL 3 years ago

    Holy fuck that first girl was like black…..but she’s white.

  • brianna derek 3 years ago

    That first chick looks burned….. Kinda creepy