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Lesbian party with girls in bikinis is the best way to spend Sat! SUBSCRIBE! : Mon, Wed, Fri! FACEBOOK : http://facebook…

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  • valaredurant37 4 years ago

    I hate being single and find it hard in Texas ( not from here)

  • Christina Gina 4 years ago

    Lmao @ your hands when you were by those straight girls….hahaha

  • HausOfAdonis 4 years ago

    your personality is really great. i just subbed. i’m now an honorary GIRLFRIEND. gonna get my girlfriend to be a GIRLFRIEND too. we’re sharing each other!!! lol

  • Deanna Dunfee 4 years ago

    you’re so cute!!!!

  • MrCocaColour 4 years ago

    Catering, probably.

  • KikaTova 4 years ago

    You have a NICE curve <3

  • trickyheadmix 4 years ago

    Have you seen orange is the new black on netflix… its superfunny.. i want to be arrested now.. you should review that online

  • trickyheadmix 4 years ago

    I’ll watch everything from new york.. my favorite place. I wouldnt care if i was homeless as long as its in new york.. i lived there in 93.. then moved back to norway cuz no visa. I loved the village the most.. you should go to washington square park and video the street artists.. then go to a gay friendley cafe. and always give your change to the homeless people..they will have your back if you need it.. thats how i always felt safe in new york

  • Ishitonyou666 4 years ago

    0:21-0:42 nice!…1:51- 2:04 HOT!! 😀

  • Esmeralda Na 4 years ago

    California girls are WILD !!!! ♥

  • Rei Kastle 4 years ago

    Damn, ur good. You got two more girls to do it! 😀

  • karoline NEWMISSION 4 years ago

    awww. you’ll find your special one. lolzs =P …. with orange…

  • BugsBunny1103 4 years ago

    Girl in orange: “Nah Im Straight
    Arielle: “DAMNNNN IT!!!”


  • Robin Vanger 4 years ago

    Well, the girl in orange looked like a waitress.. Holding the glasses etc.

  • Robin Vanger 4 years ago

    I love those shorts :O where did you buy themmm?

  • CrazedC183 4 years ago

    I dont think it was the orange that drew you in(;

  • InTheMiddleRightNow 4 years ago

    I wish I could live in L.A. Planning to in the future though! Fingers crossed!

  • TakeMeToParadize 4 years ago

    That party looks like so much fun, if I was in the area I would for sure be there

  • Vivian Nguyen 4 years ago

    In all honesty you have an amazing body and I enjoy watching your videos . It actually makes me so happy to watch your videos :)

  • Jessica Davidson 4 years ago

    to be honest if you gain weight you can loose that muscle tone in the stomach because the fat will mask that, everyone has those muscles under they’re layers fat. some are less buff though, unlike you. con-grads by the way

  • Leticia V 4 years ago

    I live in NYC & never know of anything happening! But I did just turn 21 so yeeeeah! Love this!

  • Mahatma Ghandi 4 years ago

    I have a question:  do you two work jobs?

  • BrayleeSriot 4 years ago

    I think Im in love with you :) Can I have your number Ariel?

  • Hiruka Kaze 4 years ago

    I know what you mean by bad impressions! I went to iHop for the first time and the food was sick and thought they were plotting to kill me! I’ve been hesitant to go to iHop since! Wow this was irrelevant. o.o

  • saskia stolk 4 years ago

    i am single , gay and sexy :P but i live in holland ><

  • Natalie Edwards 4 years ago

    Love to be there.

  • YourFavoritePlatypus 4 years ago

    Yay I love you Arielle

  • Destini sweetnish 4 years ago

    Don’t worry I won’t drop you !<3 I fell so loved xD

  • Brianna Destinyy 4 years ago

    I need to live in New York City! dang all those lesbians!