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Katrina Kaif in bikini with Ranbir Kapoor at beach in Spain by It’s time for Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to come out in the o…

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  • timirful 4 years ago

    she is so nasty bitch since staring kissing she keep movie the worst bitch in B-town……i will never watch her movie what so every bitch hoe…n i never watch her movies like the one with john,hirthik n srk because all about how she is bitch untouchable……

  • Katrina Kaif 4 years ago

    which beach did they go like what town or city and katrina is the sexiest woman on earth

  • Katrina Kaif 4 years ago

    same im waiting to see her in dhoom 3 on september

  • Katrina Kaif 4 years ago

    kat should go to sharukh khan or me i was called the hottest guy in bollywood who am i

  • tsongkhapa lama 4 years ago

    salman khan is facing one of his most difficult time in legal matters and katrina is holidying in this way. bad publicity ms kat

  • usyd79 4 years ago

    good move kat..first salman now Ranbir…

  • jadwatadhraf 4 years ago

    Batadoun salman bhai ko

  • atif fan 4 years ago

    cute…if she isnt ugly then who is>?

  • Mh6811316 4 years ago

    Cute couple of bollywood ever

  • Suryakant Chaurasia 4 years ago

    jindagi apani hai kaise bhi jio

  • CT11129 4 years ago

    My dog name is randbir.He is handsome my foot.He is a ugly clown who is doing circus in the film who do not have acting talent and always do chakha role in the film.kat is another don’t have any shame to reveal her body in public.

  • Ravi Sharma 4 years ago

    its her private life, what’s ur problem if she doesnt want to wear bikini in movies. Swiming karte waqt tu kya pure kapdo ke sath karta hai.

  • raghav aggarwal 4 years ago

    deliberate move
    she doesnt want to wear bikini in movies but waering outside
    wtf bitch

  • prabhatpanda79 4 years ago


  • Deepak Kumar 4 years ago


  • Whitney Harrison 4 years ago

    ★★★ LandOfCams . com ★★★

  • Pankaj Goel 4 years ago

    nice toh hai but very sexy

  • Pankaj Goel 4 years ago

    mast hai yaar

  • Gadji8640jA 4 years ago


  • Ravi Sharma 4 years ago

    Kat u r looking very sexy, i m ur big fan. I m dieying 2 see in Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang

  • sandeep mor 4 years ago

    kya kmal ka njara h

  • Daddu kimt 4 years ago

    Kya maal hai baap

  • Pratul Bajpai 4 years ago

    sallu ki to baj gayi

  • ivanka arora 4 years ago