Added by on November 12, 2014 IndepenDANCE Bikini Party! Miami Music Week. A 5th & Ocean Production. The bikini is typically a women’s two-piece swimsuit. One pa…

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  • ghilton78 3 years ago

    U guys do great editing wish you would hold longer on the hotties!

  • Dj Masri 3 years ago

    Song name !?

  • theres many websites where babes showing their webcam that are 10x better
    than youtube, i get it you all too lazy so ill tell you where i get all my
    vids copy paste this GIRLCM.COM At first it appeared as if something with
    wings had fallen from above… perhaps an angel who had faltered then
    drowned, in tears of this poor tired world.

  • Jody Hakala 3 years ago

    :50 paid for, not real girl

  • Mario Alonso 3 years ago

    @TheYazan94 Dirty South & Thomas Gold Feat. Kate Elsworth – Alive

  • Jody Hakala 3 years ago

    1:14 vintage hottie the best