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  • T-Ann's Gift Boutique 3 years ago

    such amazing talent.

  • Toi Pua Laa 3 years ago

    What happened to Meesha?

  • mochaIluv 3 years ago

    RIP Meesha

  • Dee W 3 years ago

    +ayeeeitsjassy453 & +Toi Pua Laa she was killed by her ex in May. :-(

  • MGabriel173 3 years ago

    Rest In Peace Angel!

  • monicababy 123 3 years ago


  • ayeeeitsjassy453 3 years ago

    She died how??

  • Gloria Gross 3 years ago

    Rip Meesha…you will be missed. May you rest in the arms of The Lord.

  • Sage Styles 3 years ago

    She will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Sweetie!

  • Erica Hosein 3 years ago

    I really like this easy to make! Thanks

  • Dominique Dredden 3 years ago

    Love tutorial. I think the dress would of complimented ur shape if it were
    inside the skirt. Your very pretty 

  • Gerardo Pilatti 3 years ago

    awesome Meesha!

  • Vida Nicole 3 years ago

    This is really cute! I love the black and white high waisted bottoms you
    paired it with at the end. I would appreciate it if you could make a video
    explaining how to make them because I don’t have any patterns and don’t
    know how to make any bottoms. thanks!!

  • Casey Rance 3 years ago

    we have to same computer lol love all your videos :)

  • Janet Albornoz 3 years ago

    you are amazing!!! its a great surprise humans beings like you exist!! :)

  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago

    no just learn from home

  • dillydoppy 3 years ago

    Can u show me a easy way to put on a zipper it would be greatly appreciated

  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago

    lol and thanks

  • mafriendandi 3 years ago


  • Danelle Joy Agpaoa 3 years ago

    Hi I think your videos are great! I was wondering if you know how to make a
    bikini halter top. I would be really interested on learning how form you if
    you do because your directions are very clear and you’re very creative :)

  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago

    I do Meshalostyletv CHECK IT OUT

  • Samantha Chanel Arthur 3 years ago

    Can you show how to put a hood on a sweater or dress? I want to learn to
    make a hoodie dress or hooded cardigan

  • wwee2288 3 years ago


  • Maiya Byrd 3 years ago

    What type of material do you use to make bikini tops?

  • Alona Bre'Yan 3 years ago

    Will my zig zag stitch suffice in place of the serger?

  • Britany Guereca 3 years ago

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a mommy and i saw this on your online store with
    the high top bikini and i love it!!!

  • dillydoppy 3 years ago

    Can u please show us a easy way to put on a zippr

  • CRAZEAPPARELS 3 years ago

    hi, love your videos and i’m super excited to start sewing. every time i go
    to your website it says it isn’t published yet. when will it be up and

  • Nonglak Wongsricha 3 years ago

    how to insert a pad bra?

  • cola0689 3 years ago

    Are wrap dresses easy to make? If so, can you show us how? I’ve been
    searching for a long sleeve wrap maxi like Kim Kardashian wore in Dubai for
    the millionaire milkshake debut…but without the draping….if you don’t
    make a tutorial could you give me some tips on making a wrap dress…thank
    you and God bless you!!!

  • Christina Little 3 years ago

    Too skimpy for me. Would love to see a one piece-a suit that’s made
    specifically for modesty. No chest, not tummy, no butt hanging out. Love
    your videos!

  • GroovyTulips 3 years ago

    love.. just sucks for beginners, cause of how fast paced it is.

  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago


  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago

    my fabric store howtoseweasy com

  • JeSsiCa CrEwS 3 years ago

    Where do get that zipper from?

  • kananiokapua 3 years ago

    can i buy from you lol i am a surfer and i only have a blue one.

  • Turtle374 3 years ago

    You’re amazing and you just saved my life!!! I have so many duties now that
    I don’t have time or money to shop like that. You have just shined a light
    on me. Thank you so much!

  • Mstloney 3 years ago


  • Aliki Manou 3 years ago

    you ara awesome!! i’m from the Netherlands and love your video’s!

  • Liiz Liz 3 years ago

    You are awesome!! I Love it!

  • natalie2884 3 years ago

    did u go to fashion school u sew like a professional

  • luido lidio 3 years ago

    Muito Lindoo

  • animereviews101 3 years ago

    YOUR SO AMAZING AT MAKING SWIMSUITS! are you like a swimsuit designer or
    something! If not, You should be

  • MeeshaTV 3 years ago

    i really love making wedding dresses but these are so fast to make

  • Tami Cline 3 years ago

    can you show how to make a bikini and really define how to sew the stiching
    on the edges of the bottoms and the top with stretchy fabric. I love you
    videos! Thank you, Tami

  • ely0686 3 years ago

    where do u get your fabric from? love all your videos new sub

  • jayde bd 3 years ago

    could you make this go straight across instead of the heart shape?

  • Linh Daikon 3 years ago

    beautiful :X

  • webbiedeb01 3 years ago

    very nice video. Thank you for the inspirations.