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How To: Get a Bikini Body for Lazy People! (Summer 2014) CAN WE GET THIS 4000+ LIKES?!?! I’m DM’ing people who click➜ My Previous Video➜…


Bikini Workout


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  • LaKeisha Price 3 years ago

    Your makeup been on point lately 

  • Heidi Torres 3 years ago

    Ilysm I get happy when you post 

  • Wakeupwith julie 3 years ago

    This video is funny, realistic and really for lazy people like me, love it!

  • Aislinn Murphy 3 years ago

    How to get a bikini body: buy a bikini, put it on your body.

  • Al shebani 3 years ago

    I am eating while watching this okay ….

  • Abrar Bobo 3 years ago

    Can you make a video showing us how to do that kind of bun please❤️

  • Lisa Rahman 3 years ago

    The workout isn’t the hard part, but the eating part is the absolute
    hardest thing EVER!

  • elliesomers101 3 years ago

    hola at the lazy people! *me

  • ClassifiedCloset 3 years ago

    loved this Julia! FAB BOD

  • Brookie Banana 3 years ago

    So perfectt. 

  • Little Marzipans 3 years ago

    Just asking but, how long do you jog?
    By the way, I love your videos :)
    (sorry for any mistakes-I’m Austrian)

  • georgia- maree 3 years ago

    HONESTLY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You are looking so much more confident than
    ever this year! Good on you Julia, love you!! Xx

  • treasureyourself9 3 years ago

    I just hate working out! Hate it! Lol

  • Ellie 3 years ago

    I loved this Julia!! Your videos honestly inspire me to make my own videos
    and I love it so much ^.^ So thank youuu!! If anyone wants to provide me
    with some feedback I would love you forever, thanks lovelies <33

  • Maddie Fodor 3 years ago

    How do u not have more subscribes ur like my number one

  • FlawlessImagination 3 years ago

    This video is really god for lazy people like me HAHA but thank u for
    making this video ily!

  • obsessiontogibs 3 years ago

    I Believe you can do whatever the heck you want but tbh your actually
    really skinny and I hope you know that. I luv you so much

  • Diana Valentina 3 years ago

    I like this video. I’m also lazy but just started insanity 2 days ago. It
    ruined me. 

  • ashleybreinxo 3 years ago

    Great video :) hope my channel becomes successful like yours one day! Love
    you Julia! 

  • Leonela Nava 3 years ago

    HAHAHAHA perfect ending hahaha btw there’s actually a bunch of healthy
    desserts that you can do when you’re craving something like a chocolate
    cake, you just use almond flour, dark chocolate, stevia or another
    sweetener, almond milk, and all that kind of stuff, you get the idea. 

  • Riley Schoales 3 years ago

    i ate 2 mega stuffed oreos while watching this video.. oops?

  • Sizzlin Sara 3 years ago

    You got a new subscriber! I found you because of my mom lol. She’s a hair
    dresser and said she does your hair. And are you going to be attending

  • Sydney S. 3 years ago

    Love this video!!

  • Dana Elzoobi 3 years ago

    I love this so much! Hahahaha brb working on that bikini body

  • miumiucat 3 years ago

    love this :)

  • Adianez Colombani 3 years ago

    In my opinion your body is a bikini body! You don’t have to work to get a
    bikini body you have to work to keep it. You are beautiful and I aspire to
    have a body like yours :)

  • HannahBanana73 3 years ago

    Where did you get your leggings? I really like them :)

  • crazyrainbows 3 years ago

    omg I love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan Lowry 3 years ago

    Thank you Julia! This was the video I requested :p

  • elizabethh z 3 years ago

    exactly what I needed ! thank you beautiful!(:

  • Erin F 3 years ago

    It’s ok to have cake in moderation

  • Sydney Lee 3 years ago

    Ummm in the beginning u look so skinny u don’t have a problem with your
    stomach at all

  • Disha Patel 3 years ago

    Loved this video

  • Katie Wishart 3 years ago

    Thanks for this video!!♡

  • Lauren N 3 years ago

    hey julia ily <3

  • AGdollzRok 3 years ago

    I mean I kind of understand why people make these videos but it always
    seems like they are saying that they themselve have a skinny body. If
    people want to rock a bikini they should do it!

  • puppylover2161 3 years ago

    I loved the work out ideas Julia! Great job! But I think you should have
    mentioned that you don’t HAVE to always eat healthy and work out, if your
    happy with your body than you don’t need to. ILYSM!! Can’t wait for your
    next vid!

  • Sofie Sharp 3 years ago

    Who wants to bet she ate the cake after filming??

  • kayla s 3 years ago

    U remind me of Emily June

  • the sammi channel 3 years ago

    Can you make,a q and a video

  • Pink0Roxy 3 years ago

    can you do a video on healthy foods to eat plzzz