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“How to get a Bikini Body FAST with Isaac!” WATCH MY MACBOOK PRO, IPAD, & GoPro GIVEAWAY! Click me for my last Video➜ https://www.youtu…


Bikini Workout


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  • yfsbdb 2 years ago

    Isaac is very cute.. =) <3 <3

  • adelinaSGk 2 years ago

    אעהאעה היא שותה מי עדן וגם סוכריות לקישוט קינוחים מהארץ!
    israel love you!

  • omerades1999 2 years ago

    המי עדן עשו לי את הסרטון (: 

  • Eli Cohen 2 years ago

    Are her boobs d cups? LUCKY! :(

  • Sophie W 2 years ago

    How to get a bikini body: put on a bikini

    please don’t send the message that one must be skinny to be able to wear a

  • Razberry13 2 years ago

    +Brianna Kaye you can eat any nut, avocados, pumpkin seeds,,brown rice,
    tomatoes, chickpeas,dried fruit, bananas,dates,tofu, and kale!

  • karolina zlotska 2 years ago

    It says on the bottle “מי עדן” OMG were u in Israel??

  • emily 2 years ago

    It’s easy for her to say workout (because she is skinny.) I try to workout
    but I’m a little lazy. And I have really bad asthma so I can’t do much to
    lose weight. I’m 109.6 and I’m 11 and I’m 4.6 tall.

  • Shasha Apps 2 years ago

    that last part tho

  • Shay Oran 2 years ago

    That bottle of water was מי עדן from Israel?? 

  • Baliey Kiani 2 years ago

    why did i laugh so much when issac fell at the end LOL

  • Camryn Corbett 2 years ago

    Anyone know how tall Rachel is?

  • Brianna Kaye 2 years ago

    what can i eat to get protein if i dont eat chicken, eggs, or fish? lol. im
    the pickiest eater ever.

    btw, holy shit you guys are the cutest couple ever! OTPPPP. ♥

  • Finch Maraj 2 years ago

    I’m eating a bagel as I watch this lol

  • Eva Kene 2 years ago

    Waaay over 40 thousand…

  • Mary Hayes 2 years ago

    isaac is soo hawt wuff him

  • TikiTaka Studio 2 years ago

    wow, awesome video, nice work, bro! I enjoyed your clip

  • Matthew Bowen 2 years ago

    Do bicycles also if you want to work your lower abs

  • Paul OziPos 2 years ago

    Great bum, definitely helped me to get motivated!

  • morgan Hollingsworth 2 years ago

    Meanwhile I’m eating chocolate chip m&m cookies lol

  • Eileen Zhao 2 years ago


  • Tooma bh 2 years ago

    That isaac guy is annoying as fuck! I dont know why girls r craving him so

  • Elizabeth Camarena 2 years ago

    You guys really inspired me to actually get my body in shape and I’m really
    doing it ! Thank you guys for this video that you made ! (: And I Wish you
    and Isaac the very best ! ❤️

  • Leo Ray 2 years ago

    perfect! Thanks so much :)

  • liana levy 2 years ago

    ur boyfriend is from isreal right? because u had a battle that said מי עדן!
    luv you from isreal

  • Crissy Saunders 2 years ago

    You two make a grate couple

  • Terryn Howard 2 years ago

    I always get really motivated after watching videos like this, but then the
    next time i’m like hmm nope

  • סול שלם קידר 2 years ago

    whare did you get the מי עדן waterrrr!!???!!!??

  • Enrique Carter 2 years ago

    You have some thirsty ass subscribers, lmfao!

  • Noa jane 2 years ago

    I love the water bottle from israel

  • Liron Brantz 2 years ago

    Omggg you have מי עדן ?
    R you Jew ?? Me too and I love uu

  • Eoin Maginn 2 years ago

    This has 70 thousand likes

  • Tina Nicolajsen 2 years ago

    That something back he did our teacher got angry at us and made us do that
    half an hour

  • Ayoitsthatkid 2 years ago

    You guys look like siblings. Why do so many couples look like siblings?

  • GirlNessPlot 2 years ago

    OmG girl you so luckyyyy

  • Ultraviolence DelRey 2 years ago

    omg your boobs are amazing i wished i had yours!

  • MyAwesomenessIsAwesome 2 years ago

    omg you from isral ? 

  • Megan-Jade Barrett 2 years ago


  • Salvatore Squatrito 2 years ago

    Literally do any football workouts. Like cowastetics 

  • Amelia Nobles 2 years ago

    trying to lose weight!This will help alot

  • Alexis Perez 2 years ago

    It’s funny if she did what she did in the first part of the video she would
    look like me really chubby and ugly 

  • Jade Bieber 2 years ago

    Harder than it looks .

  • Sam LaManna 2 years ago

    Does he have a channel ?

  • Amelia Kay 2 years ago

    I can’t do squats because I have a problem with my knees, does anyone have
    anything else I can do?

  • sara hoinoski 2 years ago

    you made a right boyfriend choice’

  • Maja Glusac 2 years ago

    How long do u need to do each

  • Isabelle Anderson 2 years ago

    whats the song in the background at the end?

  • Emily Horan 2 years ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday :)

  • Totttable 2 years ago

    Is that a real tattoo that Isaac has or is is just paint?

  • Lily Oh 2 years ago

    Does Isaac have a YouTube channel?! If he does what is it? Please can
    someone tell me!