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Stretching and Flexibly at the beach with Vicky. Vicky is showing some yoga poses she does to improve her flexibility and balance.


Hot Bikini


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  • BikiniModelFitness 3 years ago
  • Steven Mata 3 years ago

    ..this is the brest channel i’ve been on ALL day!

  • Bob Robert 3 years ago

    Perfect beautiful body

  • TheLongshot1982 3 years ago

    I cant wait to see how big her rump roast will get….. hopefully she gets
    stung by a swarm of African bees right in the butt and has a terrible
    allergic reaction ……. imagine how plump it would get……..OH HAPPY

  • Swabby Jam 3 years ago

    Yoga yum yum.

  • Gabriel Cruz 3 years ago


  • 本能寺にあり敵は 3 years ago

    You are very beautiful with the healthy body!
    A face is also very lovely!
    a foolish South Korean — please do not operate orthopedically by any means
    like a Hollywood star!
    Because it certainly fails.
    And it is better not to attach a tattoo and a pierced earring any more!
    At least it is lovely! Don’t give a crack to the beautiful body more!
    It is aiding.A Japanese fan! from JAPAN^^

  • vobrasolo 3 years ago

    Outstanding in HD !

  • Acacia Dow 3 years ago

    Downward dog to cobra pose is a good transition.both are super amazing
    feeling too haha

  • divinemaster2k2 3 years ago

    fresh boob job yeiii!

  • Jason Howard 3 years ago

    This lady is just so beautiful, with a hot sexy body too

  • Anna Sophie 3 years ago

    Can u maybe do a video about what u eat and ur diet? Ps. Love u and ur
    channel :) :)

  • Leoknightus 3 years ago

    Just stopped by for 5 sec to give the thumbs up! wow GREAT CONTENT!

  • Tim Brissette 3 years ago

    Yes, more yoga , love ya Vicky!

  • AssAdmiration 3 years ago

    Wow, Vicky you’re getting better and better!

  • Jorge Perez 3 years ago

    Hottest yoga ever

  • Rocky Girolami 3 years ago

    wow love Vicky back bend in her bikini.can she do a stomach vacuum workout
    as well.

  • Antonio Carrión 3 years ago

    On the beach doing exercises and richer than many I see tits

  • OldBuk81 3 years ago

    she’s hot, but the bikini is a little big… =)

  • n8vdescent 3 years ago

    She’s not the most graceful but with some practice she might be. Got the
    body and beauty down though

  • gaddie851 3 years ago

    You’re awesome Vicky!! :-))

  • iAmZure 3 years ago

    Just look at her videos from a year ago, a hella lot of difference!

  • OneLove9Omonoia 3 years ago

    i dont really like the new sound that youtube makes when you like a

  • chictomana 3 years ago

    this is not hot bikini , this is HOT Vicky !
    OMG !