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Hooters Bikini Contest – Semi-Finals, Daytona Beach Florida 2013 Creative Commons Music by: Heath Harris – Classic Rock Remixes Nelly vs Lynard Skynard – Swe…

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  • Camillo Corsanego 3 years ago

    obviously number 3!!!

  • Bruce Kain 3 years ago

    Man ! No3 Kristin, she cleans up wherever she enters, is she the most
    purdiest little thing you ever saw or what !!

  • Radiant Idea 3 years ago

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  • ruppertknickerbocker 3 years ago

    It’s alot better after you mute the crackhead music.

  • Bozonez3m 3 years ago

    Kristin’s totally rock’in the rainbow bikini ! Somehow it makes want a
    jello shot.

  • BFD15i 3 years ago

    For your “research-purposes”: #3 is named Kristin Brooks..

  • James Field 3 years ago

    3 alll the wayyy

  • Frances MaGinness 3 years ago

    All 5 finalists are very pretty, kinda leaning towards #7 to win. Haha

  • MrMikeinDevon 3 years ago

    3 or 8

  • asdf18073 3 years ago

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