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  • Robert Freeman 3 years ago

    LOL dumbass. He kills his teammates and then wonders why he gets put in bad
    sport lobbies

  • TmarTn2 3 years ago

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer – Part 326 – HOT BIKINI DEVIL LADY

  • Matt DiFilippo 3 years ago

    360 resolution??

  • songer121 3 years ago

    i just think you should upload in 1080p 60 fps in 3rd person!!! 

  • isaiah rogers 3 years ago

    hi im a beginner in gta 5 muitlplayer so i going to be new my name is
    nfsboy215 in xbox one if you wanna help me to get up add me ok :).

  • Sneaky Boy Productions 3 years ago

    yeah dude i hate that cuz im so use to playing on 360 & xbox one i would
    always accidently press that share button cuz thats where the select button
    use to be.

  • TofuShofu 3 years ago

    Oh goodness me, turn that brightness down a little. Trust me, it improves
    the graphics because the screen won’t look like a rainbow chemlight
    exploded on it.

  • wolfboy11 3 years ago

    How do you even get the Quick Menu on?

  • theProfiler 3 years ago

    Should I get this or Destiny already played gta on previous gen. ?

  • SarahBabee2012 3 years ago

    I personally think ALL online episodes should be in the 30 min range cause
    it’s the best lets play. BUT, I know that’s hard to do since on one of my
    channels I do let’s plays. I do like the fact that we will only be doing
    first person once a week. It makes me so motion-sick. Haha.

  • Kamran 3 years ago

    99.9% of people won’t read this but

    *My name’s Jeff*

  • Roberto Tarango 3 years ago

    Bro no offense Trev, but you’re HORRIBLE at deathmatches.. and.. mostly
    everything.. but your racing skills are descend

  • Seth Porter 3 years ago

    Great idea Trev!


  • Slenderconnor 3 years ago

    The good thing about psn is that you don’t have to pay add me slenderconnor

  • skylar mazza 3 years ago

    How about switch every episode switch third person then next video first
    person then next episode third person etc.

  • Nick Fazio 3 years ago

    First person Friday… Sounds awesome lets do it!

  • bLu3dragon 3 years ago

    3 days 3person then firstperson then 3 days 3person

  • S&S Gaming 3 years ago

    I think first person fridays in not much cuz thats once a week how about
    third person tuesdays and third person thursdays?

  • Ciman02 3 years ago

    First person Friday’s and whenever you do death matches go in first person

  • Caretto Victtorio 3 years ago

    first person friday, sounds awesome :)

  • xJDaRR 3 years ago

    Do first person Fridays and third person Thursdays!!:)

  • doug fish 3 years ago

    The game play is blury for some reason

  • Michael Yu 3 years ago

    12:55 thunder storm blitz!

  • Jaden Curry 3 years ago


    Moto Skills Monday
    Tricky Track Tuesday
    Wednesday could be a challenge day for the challenge series
    Third Person Thursday (do whatever)
    First Person / Free Roam Friday

  • Ashraf Zidate 3 years ago

    6:40, i cried with laughter. and first person fridays is a good idea and
    fyi, it shows how many team lives you have on the bottom right. can you
    please reply so i know you read my comment.

  • 陈样 3 years ago

    race with first person

  • Oscar van heemerd 3 years ago

    First person Friday sounds good

  • Drew Munro 3 years ago

    Yes first person Fridays 

  • javed basdaye 3 years ago

    you’re such a cunt, you killed your teammate just because you wanted to be
    there first, and used a team life, which really wasn’t funny and i don’t
    think anybody else laughed except for you.

  • i eat taco 3 years ago

    If people love third person but a few like first, we can do third person
    Thursday to like have break and get back to the regular version 

  • Ben Howell 3 years ago

    I very much like the idea of first person Friday’s, but I really don’t like
    the ps4 instead of Xbox one. 

  • Mangus Marshorbes 3 years ago

    Hey trev for the third person and first person debate u should do 2 vids a
    week and do third person Thursday and first person Friday

  • josue manzano 3 years ago

    Do first prison friday

  • White Senpai 3 years ago

    You are so stupid not to realize there are no Team Lives -_-

  • daltmangamer14 3 years ago

    can anybody finish my sentence, re-spawns don’t die they just

  • Tamira Land 3 years ago

    I think it’s a great idea but I was thinking about first person when…
    forget it first person Friday Great video.

  • TheShyArmy Cole 3 years ago

    Can you make you target to complex please?

  • Chris Natali 3 years ago

    Maybe do a first person episode on Monday and Friday 

  • Cameron Wilson 3 years ago

    You should make a few episodes with friends every so often just having a
    bit of fun racing and free roam and stuff
    FP Friday sounds good

  • dubedition 1 3 years ago

    LMFAO the whole time you were talking about the extra life thing, i was
    dying because you didnt see the out of lives in the bottom corner

  • Mothehitman Mothehitman 3 years ago

    1st person fridays online and saturday 1st or 3rd person campaign missions
    that will be fun 

  • Matas Ivanauskas 3 years ago

    Yaaaaaaaaasssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! First person fridays!!!!

  • Sbeeer 3 years ago

    I’m cool with first person fridays, on the other episodes use first person
    just in tdms