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Female Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing you a full body fat burning workout to workout every muscle in your body. Yo can do this workout everyday and it…

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  • Robert SiriusEl 3 years ago

    Golden workout<33 lovely thx for the video Vicky!:)

  • FrequencyIO 3 years ago

    love it Vicky!!!!

  • MXtra77 3 years ago

    i stare at the butt jiggle when she jumps. is that weird?

  • DCInfamous120 3 years ago

    Hey i was wondering if there are any stretches or yoga moves that vicky
    does before her workouts and if we could see that thanks.

  • KatLYnnnSymone 3 years ago

    How many times a week should u do butt workout to get a bigger butt ??

  • Serch Ram 3 years ago


  • Jhon Escobar 3 years ago

    I Love vicky 

  • katerina trikka 3 years ago

    Please do workouts for thiner legs, workouts with gym ball and arm workouts
    with dumbells

  • xxandrejxx 3 years ago

    really really amazing body , amazing workouts , it looks easy but its not !
    :) nice job 

  • DCMENT 3 years ago

    Vicky, you give exercise a beautiful face indeed. Keep doing your thing. :)

  • vobrasolo 3 years ago


  • مريم ياسر 3 years ago

    How long i need to get toned body as you??

  • TheChevman454 3 years ago

    amazing :) who ever the lucky guy is i say dont ever let her go 

  • clausm2203 3 years ago

    great video..;)

  • pirat polo 3 years ago


  • AgentAdorno 3 years ago

    Im a pacifist, but i would annihilate a small village to get to her.

  • Christoph Colomb 3 years ago

    Good lord you’re hot as hell. Would love to get a girl like this one day.

  • jle20chapin 3 years ago

    I’ve miss you vicky! Hey are you Latina? ;)

  • doubledown187 3 years ago

    You really should be doing those workout in a WickedWeasel ;-)

  • LUKKA2020 3 years ago

    Super yummy!!!

  • guapoben007 3 years ago


  • مريم ياسر 3 years ago

    How long i need to get body as you??

  • Noel Aranda 3 years ago

    Miss the yoga pants!

  • BikiniModelFitness 3 years ago