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Want more motivation!? Subscribe to the Channel!! Song: De Hofnar – Hier Zonder Jou …

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  • TheMrsNikk 3 years ago

    the blonde is so full of herself lol

  • SoTexasLandman 3 years ago

    I understand women wanting to get in and stay in shape —BUT—when they
    take it to the point of looking like men, I have to draw the line. The
    blonde trying to be cute just isn’t. Too much men’s testosterone or

  • winnerswebnetwork 3 years ago

    Agreed , Winners Win…
    John at WinnersWebNetwork aka Trevor T. Reed LollypopMedia.

  • Rose Gurton 3 years ago

    Steroid injections and silicone Boobs for shortime financial gain and early

  • MaxxxPhotography 3 years ago

    Fine video! I would suggest not to overdo the effects, but remains very

  • ShottaofJah 3 years ago

    I discovering I like females with muscles more than just soft tissue

  • BodyBuilding Videos 3 years ago

    Female Fitness Bikini Motivation 2014 HD

  • ShottaofJah 3 years ago

    o/ remarkable beats will use this forward mon!

  • SuperMelibelly 3 years ago

    This music sucks

  • Thespina theo 3 years ago

    the blonde has the perfect body

  • resi eder 3 years ago

    Die Frauen da glauben das das sexy ist wenn man Arme wie ein mann hat aber
    das sieht einfach nur unschön aus.

  • blase3121 3 years ago


  • joshua davlin 3 years ago

    Whose the brunette

  • Gabriel Lasley 3 years ago

    Anyone know the name of the blonde model?

  • Momin Khan 3 years ago