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Bikini Girls


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  • Aj lin 3 years ago

    Ask girls why they wear slutty clothes to the gym?

  • SoulGamingLive 3 years ago

    be unique brah don’t be copying overboardhumour!

  • zir786 3 years ago

    Magnets and gravity…. Two different types of forces. 

  • Byron Bojingles 3 years ago

    Damn this is like fapping material

  • Ste Bradbury Design 3 years ago

    and then they say “all guys are the same” after admitting they go for the
    dickheads. Girl Logic!

  • MynameisIvan 3 years ago

    Error #404 babe of the day boobs not found.

  • Daniel Mosh 3 years ago

    Either team up with overboard humor or don’t copy his comment-video method.
    That’s not cool

  • tomerca10 3 years ago

    ask girls how to pickup boys

  • KmanRocks109 3 years ago

    Aryia where did you get your shirt???

  • V4Vendetta 3 years ago

    I thought we were talking about ejaculation !!! 

  • TheSmoove001 3 years ago

    love how random ugly fat girls talk about not liking ” nice guys ” while
    they’re actually ugly as fuuuuck lol

  • Exdru Jon 3 years ago

    Can you ask girls on their advice to what you should say when you approach

  • Trey Kaiser 3 years ago

    Do something where you take someone with no game and tell him what to do
    through an ear piece!

  • SimpleSexyStupid 3 years ago
  • AFKProductions 3 years ago

    Why do nice guys finish last, because I let her finish first ;)

  • elcamel1216 3 years ago

    Ask girls about how a guy’s musical preferences influence their

  • Pharo Aye 3 years ago

    GIRLFRIEND hehehe

  • Jumbo Willis 3 years ago

    Where can I get that doge shirt? 

  • PRO3LEMS 3 years ago

    Ask random girls for sex until one of them has accepted.

  • Chadrick™ 3 years ago

    I can’t even fap to these girls because I sold my fapping socks

    for ramen noodles :/

  • BookOfKen 3 years ago

    2:45 girls wanted the D?

  • Mark Pugh 3 years ago

    Bollocks to all female kind 

  • Potenti4lz 3 years ago

    Nice guys finish last in the bedroom…? I’m fine with that.

  • ShineyM 3 years ago

    A guy asked ‘why do girls wear slutty clothes to the gym?”. I do not argue
    against this.
    Some people say it makes them comfortable. And what guys feel uncomfortable
    in their clothes? Most of the guys do not show off their ass (via their
    clothes) when in the gym AND they feel comfortable in those clothing. I
    think loose clothing can feel more comfortable than tight clothing as tight
    clothing results in your sweat sticking onto your body (making you
    uncomfortable). But that’s my two cents

  • rozz2656 3 years ago

    I’m a dick and i don’t get girls :) jk i can be a dick or can be nice. I’m
    not arrogant enough to say im nice 100%

  • Tinnybird G 3 years ago

    As far as I know…my nice guy finishes in my vagina! Lol…!

  • frosty gamer 3 years ago

    Why not do movie pickup lines 

  • ruphang nalbo 3 years ago

    is this guy indian?

  • droidplaysgames 3 years ago

    make more videos broski

  • Nathan Carroll 3 years ago

    Go into the science of blowjobs. Ask how it tastes, how cum tastes, ask
    proper technique, show proper technique. Just get a solid 6 minutes of
    blowjobs with hot girls in bikinis..

  • DJ Thunder Clap 3 years ago

    LMFAO “sir r u a nice guy” guy says ” Yeah im a very nice guy” “So ur a

  • sGSuicude 3 years ago

    Loved your Shirt. Just bought it aswell lol xD 

  • Reggie Gardner 3 years ago

    Most talked about thing with guys.. Perfect penis size for girls, try to
    settle it once and for all

  • Th3Ghostofm3 3 years ago

    Ask girls why they take those fucking weird selfies an send it to their
    best friends(I have a sister)…

  • Jerry Anthony 3 years ago

    they love bad boys….until they get gang raped by Jamal and a few of his

  • zion joseph 3 years ago

    first :)

  • Nick First 3 years ago

    Say inspiring things to people for no reason! Like AdrianVanOyen did…

  • mevin alex 3 years ago

    Ask :who do you prefer jerks with hot body or nice guys with fat body?

  • Rossoneri King 3 years ago

    3:04 hahahaha