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  • jsgnextortex 3 years ago

    How is this a prank?

  • Fortex Flinx 3 years ago

    Woman in the white dress sorta cheated on her husabd, you can tell tbat he
    is boring and never asked his wife for a dance :/

  • Alan Rojas 3 years ago

    1:54 looks like a girl version of Mr. Bean!

  • Rh1no1 3 years ago

    The girls were mostly sweet and were great sports. See, we are not so bad!
    Just a lil.

  • Pr3miumKiller 3 years ago

    First :)

  • Armand Koekemoer 3 years ago

    Americans *facepalm*

  • BestBloopers 3 years ago

    Loving it!

  • After Dawn 3 years ago

    Pranks have gone too far really… Starts grinding on girls with just
    bikini on… “It’s a prank” “I can get away with anything i just need to
    say it’s just a prank” No.. You can’t… What you are doing is sexual
    assault when you lay down on others starts grinding on girls, and the woman
    in the end clearly doesn’t wanna be on the video, why put her on the video
    ? so cruel and why the fuck do you interupt the couples romantic “dinner”
    or what to say on the beach,

    starts dancing with his wife and talking back when he is confronting you,
    sitting on their towel and gonna have a drink “its just a prank” shut the
    fuck up.

    How would you like it if someone starts grinding on your daughter on the
    beach and she only have a bikini on? I remember when pranks were funny and
    not staged or sexual assault, you make girls afraid to go to the beach you
    know that right ?

  • chumsinsky 3 years ago

    2:20 doesn’t sound like a woman.

  • Haha lady in the end!

  • BestVideos247 3 years ago

    Nice video!

  • Vladimir Voronov 3 years ago


  • Dinkel Mann 3 years ago

    random comment! GONE WRONG

  • NinJas Floww 3 years ago

    Fuck me

  • FRlKK 3 years ago

    Hope you enjoy this flick by Riskyrobtv and make sure to check him out!

  • dariusz kapczynski 3 years ago

    fuck this is not funny

  • Fake Aqw 3 years ago

    Its a prank she needs to get over it

  • Alexander Suvorov 3 years ago

    2:24 in Russian language

  • AChangedMan 3 years ago

    Definitely from Isis.

  • 37TannerWebb 3 years ago

    at the end, total bitch with no respect. 

  • deadly daniel 3 years ago

    That Indian guy tho

  • VitalyzdTv 3 years ago

    I’ll be dancing with some diggers tonight!

  • jackie jiang 3 years ago

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  • Jose Tello 3 years ago

    yeah just so u know u r so stupid wasting a time fuck u

  • Kip Leonard 3 years ago


  • Angel l. 3 years ago

    what are the names of the first and the reggaeton songs?

  • EpicCompilationz 3 years ago

    I just started a compilation channel if you want to check it out feel free
    to do so & leave feedback/subscribe

  • Chemburlek 3 years ago

    Русские бабы не шлюхи! ура

  • Fake Aqw 3 years ago

    Lol she a dumb bitch at the end haha

  • DALILA MUZZ 3 years ago


  • roy bot 3 years ago

    creepy, lame, not funny.

  • Comp Pit Bikes 3 years ago

    I’ll just leave this here…September 2014 Web Series AoBaW Pilot Clip
    (Season 1 Episode 1) Hilarious video web series

  • Hb Arg 3 years ago


  • aldjals54423 3 years ago

    The chick in the dress thought it was the real deal and got mad when she
    found out =(

  • Hot Sexy Girls Asain 3 years ago


  • ajoh432 3 years ago

    Psycho bitch.

  • TrickyLover 3 years ago

    Lob ring ass video

  • Jawuan Hart 3 years ago