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Caffe a Colombian luxury woman’s beachwear line born in 2004, has since developed into an international stylish brand present in the best stores in more than…

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  • Puzzoozoo 3 years ago

    Annoying breaks in the music.

  • Hank McSwane 3 years ago

    Who is blonde at 1:58?

  • leonard Vinci 3 years ago

    Les Femmes sont vraiment très belles et sensuelles dans ces Bikinis .

  • sobichanjoseph 3 years ago

    ha there are much better sites than youtube for girls. you only really need
    one site its where real girls go to get naughty get a load of this:

  • justino guerrero 3 years ago

    Muy hermosas modelos, lucen muy bien la lencería.

  • Joey Gonsalves 3 years ago

    the best swimwear show ever! . . . shared!

  • 09magdalenka09 3 years ago

    The the swimsuits and tunics but the bikinis all look the same.

  • 立方 林 3 years ago


  • soo taim 3 years ago

    카페수영복 2013 벤츠패션

  • Hank McSwane 3 years ago

    Who is the girl at 5:45!?