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This is why and how the “bond girl” workout works.

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  • tomken8dy 3 years ago

    I see nothing wrong with you increasing bulk (up to a limit :) I like both
    body types. Yes, I was listening to you. But I couldn’t stop staring at
    your … um.. never mind. EVERY straight male who watches you thinks the
    same way. That means you’re doing it correctly!! :)) Your body is perfect
    and you have a beautiful face too.

  • GirlyMuscleTV 3 years ago

    @hishamm80 Yeah, that’s why I changed my strategy. Thanks for being so cool!

  • InVanitySanity 3 years ago

    The second set of girls kind of look anorexic. I think they are beautiful
    and all. But I am scared of how skinny they are.

  • poloj88 3 years ago

    Very interesting video, I learned something new today thanks. This mini
    lesson well help me when I get back to the gym

  • unfortunatebeam 3 years ago

    woot! The fitness girls at the beginning were hot!