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Finding the best bikini can be tough when summer comes round. Bikini and beachwear online store and bikini shop asked British girls in bikinis on Brighton Be…

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  • pokemoncardtrading 3 years ago

    Venice beach FTW!

  • simplybeachtv 3 years ago

    We love Brighton and the Seafolly Range! :-) If you get a chance please
    take a look at our Youtube channel and follow the link to our website for
    all our latest swimwear and bikinis! Thanks

  • Tom Wotton 3 years ago

    To papanic Oh yes because all American Girls look like Cameran Diaz and
    Natile Portman Do They? Idiot!

  • Richard Folklore 3 years ago


  • ISH ED 3 years ago

    Beautiful people

  • Staggercfc 3 years ago

    Brighton Babes wipe the floor with false yank and aussie girls. What a
    bunch of slags the foreign girls truly are.

  • Lewis72 3 years ago

    What’s the appeal of Brighton beach? You can’t make sand castles, or dig
    holes, or make water channels. It can’t even be that comfortable to lie on

  • Tom greenwood 3 years ago

    nope, all the goodlooking people stay away from places like this!, we like
    to call places like this a ‘shit hole’

  • papanic 3 years ago

    I guess the only hot brit’s are actress’s … in porn

  • pwnerX187 3 years ago

    @fqujjqo yeah. this is really fantastic. And, tomorrow is my first date
    with a millionaire guy that i got from a rich men community site :P. if you
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  • Blaze Gamer 3 years ago


  • TheHead777 3 years ago


  • 132lovro 3 years ago

    it is

  • OVERDOSE DUBS 3 years ago


  • dgyrick 3 years ago

    Brighton Beach

  • yosemitesami 3 years ago


  • EmOcHiCk XD 3 years ago

    WHAT THE HECK!!!! 2:27 THERE IS A LEG OVER THAT FAT GUY (i hope it anit hes

  • VampiresDoRule 3 years ago

    trust me theres hot brits lol

  • mjr102395 3 years ago

    poor limeys, will never know the simple joys of a sandy beach!

  • timisthebest85 3 years ago

    ooh i like that girl in the swimsuit i do. id tuck that old tummy in… if
    you know what i mean !!

  • daniel brockman 3 years ago

    that beachh succkss..damnn come to the best beach in the world located at
    LBI New Jersey Bitch

  • alfred williams 3 years ago

    There are a lot of sexy girls on Landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE,
    much better than this!

  • Ahad rash 3 years ago

    where is beech

  • Lewis72 3 years ago

    @MrSearchDestroy South of London, if you know where that is.

  • Peddant 3 years ago

    Aw..the swimsuit girl was completely charming.The premise of the video was
    very lame,though.Brighton has a thousand more interesting things to make a
    video about.

  • Maddy987 3 years ago

    it looks cold D:

  • Timothy Watters 3 years ago

    West Country accents are always endearing

  • StockyDoccy 3 years ago

    ugly brits

  • papanic 3 years ago

    @tomwotton1066 Kate Upton’s home town is a hour away from here

  • Sonia VerardoStyle 3 years ago

    I think Brighton is a lovely place, but this beach brings back some funny
    memories! I’m Croatian and I came to this beach in Brighton in August,
    wearing my bikini and my summer dress…and I froze to death! It seemed as
    if I went out in my summer dress in the middle of October in my home town
    in Cro (that is also by the beach)! It was much colder than I had expected,
    so I had to spend the rest of the day in the nearby mall, shopping for some
    warmer clothes, lol!

  • Gfsgh 3 years ago

    the girl on the right have no boobs lol

  • agrippa9 3 years ago

    0:40 girl on the right OMG

  • chatrapalsingh 3 years ago

    very nice vidio

  • Dinolouie 3 years ago

    haha yea this vid dont do brit girls any justice….

  • dolabla2 3 years ago

    Haha, that beach is terrible and the water is probably cold. They need to
    come down to Florida and see what a real beach looks like.

  • MrSearchDestroy 3 years ago

    where is Brighton ?