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Bikini training & Figure Competition Training & Cardio Get my most intense workout for your bikini competition …

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  • CassieCassonade 3 years ago

    Hi Jimmy, You suggest a keto diet with 50 g carbs a day. Is that everyday
    of the week? Or do you suggest a few higher carb days in the week? I am
    5’6, 142 lbs, trying to get down to 130 lbs. My plan is 1700 cal (40% from
    protein, 20% from carbs, 40% from fat). Is this a good approach? Should I
    add a couple 100 cal of carbs on 2 days of the week for refeed? Thanks!
    Your awesome!

  • getXtan 3 years ago

    Check out Makes You Look Good* :)#tanningreflector

  • Jimmy Smith 3 years ago

    Hey Cassie. Thank you, you’re awesome! I wouldn’t focus on calories. Focus
    on your protein, carbs and fats. Refeed depends on how fast you lean out.

  • Aida M. 3 years ago

    Can you fix a damaged metabolism?

  • alawi al alawi 3 years ago

    hello mss. stacey keller, in jimmy, i what ur suggest how to proper diet,
    in excircise bcoz my stomach if big fats thank you,

  • Jimmy Smith 3 years ago

    Try now please, should be working

  • Jimmy Smith 3 years ago

    I do it often.Email me

  • stacey keller 3 years ago

    link is not working Jim?