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  • thehollymonster1 3 years ago

    The blue trainers are pumas an the pink ones are sketchers.. Hope this

  • Jennifer Newberry 3 years ago

    Just did my work out for the day.. First a HIIT workout (3min sprint at a
    level 8, 2 min walk at a level 3) X 5 plus the Under the SEA workout video
    from Tone It Up.. DONE! 

  • PeaceNdLovee 3 years ago

    ooooh pink shoes, where are they from?

  • Gogogill 3 years ago

    Loved it !!

  • allisonmargaret4 3 years ago

    i know of you feel, haha! but yeah this workout would be fine for you 😀 I
    do there workouts all the time.

  • Lisa .Rienhardt 3 years ago

    Can I combine this workout and your total body bikini workout? I love them

  • Thank you for this!! Guess who got her best mile time today? This girl!! i
    got a 10min mile which is a big deal for me cuz i am really slow at running.

  • manvir gill 3 years ago

    Will this help to tone upper thighs and reduce fat?

  • M Maya 3 years ago

    Wooh i did this twice i love it!

  • Danielle Halsall 3 years ago

    AWESOME VIDEO! great music i like how you give the excersizes cute names i
    like how you dont act as if they dont burn and hurt a bit and you haver fun
    with it and they are PRACTICAL and not overly time consuming :) greta job
    keep it up!

  • emily409673 3 years ago

    i felt really good after this workout but by good i mean i could feel it
    where i was supposed to feel it

  • MsJujubar 3 years ago

    U ladies are posting the best workouts this summer!! Love this one and the
    previous one. I worked my butt off!! Thank u for getting me in shape :-)

  • Cláudia Gusmão 3 years ago

    Good :) Keep doing it! The ideal is 8min, so you’re close :) It was hard
    work for me to get to the 8min, but keep working and you will do it :)

  • Tilly Morgan 3 years ago

    Please could you like maybe write in the down bar what each of you are
    wearing in each video? x

  • jackie bafel 3 years ago

    Thanks so much! I will definetly try it :)

  • brittj2015 3 years ago

    This is my fav

  • Tone It Up 3 years ago

    yayy! :)

  • meghanl0ves 3 years ago

    I love that you guys show your little slip ups and moments where you don’t
    want to continue your work out. It makes us feel normal. :)

  • tentabfab 3 years ago

    what shoes are you guys wearing? i love those pink ones!

  • ashleyxxxloveify 3 years ago

    This is awesome!

  • Renée Severin 3 years ago

    Your Bodies are amazing!!!! :)

  • Steph K 3 years ago

    I really love your outfits (and the video, of course)! Where are they from?

  • Stephanie Hall 3 years ago

    this is my favorite!

  • arunima chakraborty 3 years ago

    Hi Kareena,Katrina luuuurve your videos so much!!! I need to drop almost 45
    pounds of weight ..Could you tell me what kinda workout i should
    incorporate into my daily routine to see results faster.?should i focuss
    more on cardio or strength training…

  • nutshell634 3 years ago

    This is my favorite workout :)

  • vipmonicake 3 years ago

    what do you guys do for cardio?

  • emily409673 3 years ago

    i’m 16 and i don’t play a organized sport. i’m doing these workouts so i
    feel confident in a swim suit at camp this summer especially cause my best
    guy friend who is also my crush will be at camp( hopefully i will be dating
    him by then). we actually met at the camp we are going to like six years
    ago and as of this school year he is one of my best friends. so to sum that
    long comment up i’m doing this for confidence nothing more nothing less

  • seygra20 . 3 years ago

    I believe it Oakley swimwear apparel not sure