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Bikini Party



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  • CTFxC 3 years ago

    crazy a year has gone by so fast! hope you guys are having a great day…

  • Zoz3r11 3 years ago

    This is a little weird to say, but I would love to have Charles as a
    boyfriend. He is just such a funny guy, and he looks really cute in his
    glasses :p. I hope that I will have a boyfriend like him one day 

  • Franny June 3 years ago

    Alli are you pregnant ? How many months 1 or 2 ?

  • MidNightMoon 3 years ago

    All these hateful comments make me so upset with this community :/ I miss
    seeing the positive comments..

  • Sam Johnston 3 years ago

    I like the new noise YouTube makes when you like a comment

  • SuperGamer 3 years ago

    i bet noone watched the whole video

  • Amika Amk 3 years ago

    allie is so beautiful!!!

  • Clockwork Cyborg 3 years ago

    like this comment if i should stop asking you to like this comment

  • F-Series 3 years ago

    She got no boobs

  • Evan Brosnan 3 years ago

    Charles! You and allie are both amazing human beings!

  • Jina-Rita S 3 years ago

    using that hot-tub… the one only your ex wife was fixing… This makes me
    just want to … I can’t anymore I just can’t… this is all weird to me…
    i tried so hard I tried… I’m sorry… unless you move house, I can’t

  • Chicken Soup 3 years ago

    Travis really likes those diaper style pants, doesn’t he

  • Asianproductions100 3 years ago

    Charles, just wanted to say thanks for giving entertaining vlogs to watch!
    And thanks for the inspiration to start vlogging too!

  • jay blackmore 3 years ago

    Hello ctfxcers how are you today

  • Victor.R 3 years ago

    You know what’s funny? Charles deletes all the comments that trash talk him
    and Allie but he leaves and thumbs up the ones talking shit about Alli
    speed….he always said he respected her and that he would always “love her
    to death” But you can tell he’s extremely jealous of her for some reason. I
    mean Alli speed even deletes comments that are talking smack about Charles
    on her videos. It’s going to be really interesting to see how they will
    interact since both of them are scheduled to attend playlist live 2015 in
    February. I can almost guarantee that she will avoid and ignore him and
    she’s got every reason to do so.

  • Montse Luna 3 years ago

    Congrats +CTFxC!!!
    And get well!
    Oh how I wish I could be there!

  • TheNanothermite 3 years ago

    I wonder when he will realize that he keeps dating the same girl, over and
    over again? The name isn’t the only thing they all have in common. 

  • SmeTzeR2 3 years ago

    Allie was on a commercial for VIPSingles. Youtube it

  • BakerBrotherTV 3 years ago

    Another *click bait thumbnail* but still a great video, Charlie! ;)

  • blackknightreturns1 3 years ago

    I never get enough of Katlin…

  • Michael Caristi 3 years ago

    It’s unreal how beautiful Caitlin is. Hunter is a lucky dude.

  • brennan Davidson 3 years ago

    First you use alli’s butt for the thumbnail now you use her boobs! Wow want
    views much?!?!

  • The Middle Finger 3 years ago

    Charles, on many occasions, saved Alli Speed in that hot tub because she
    drinks so much she passes out and sinks to the bottom.

  • sparky43276 3 years ago

    You guys can have a bikini party in DECEMBER!! Thats it Im moving to

  • AceKulpster1988 3 years ago

    Where’s your bikini, Charles?

  • Lauren Elizabeth 3 years ago

    that camera quality thoooo *heart eye emojis*

  • Mike VS Mike 3 years ago

    Hey *CTFxCers*!! I know many of you may not like this comment but if any of
    you are interested in watching awkwardly comedic challenge videos, we’d
    really appreciate it if you came and checked us out! We already got 130
    subs in a week! We appreciate it so much! *Happy Holidays!!!*

    ps. Great vlog Charles!

  • Madeleine Carter 3 years ago

    I’m i watching the same vlog as everyone else? Wtf guys? Alli does
    definatley not look pregnant! Like seriously? She looks so slim and has a
    great body! what are you all talking about?! 

  • chris kramer 3 years ago

    I told you about Allie 4 years ago. I told you that you were making a huge
    mistake and your ego got in the way. Anyone who knows basic psychologically
    could see she was bad. 

  • Tyrone Johnson 3 years ago

    I made a comment on a post a few hours ago that said ”Allie has no tits”.
    Guys i really really really do feel bad. If Charles is reading this i want
    you to know im really sorry. It was childish and i had NO reason what so
    ever to say it. Allie seems like a wonderful person and shes really lucky
    to have someone like you defend her. Once again im really sorry. 

  • JJFJGaming 3 years ago

    Looks like Allie is pregnant LOL

  • Shau & Dar Vlogs | SDTV 3 years ago

    sometimes when I’m alone I like to cover myself in ketchup, curl up into a
    ball and pretend I’m a meatball….. 

  • Amika Amk 3 years ago

    is Allie pregnant???????

  • Evans Daily Life 3 years ago

    Ive been sick all day and last night too, feels awful. -_-

  • Rocketholden 3 years ago

    huh she looks pregnant

  • It’s my birthday today!!

  • Jodie Smalley 3 years ago

    Thanks for today’s video Charles +CTFxC +Charles Trippy. It’s 29 December
    here in Melbourne Australia and for me it’s a difficult day as its 7 years
    since my father past away suddenly. This video helped me start off the day
    in a nice way.

    This is what many of us appreciate about your videos, even on a slow day
    your head pops up and you’re being your usual random self. Don’t ever
    change Mr Trippy! 

  • Marvin8861 3 years ago

    you should get a new sign off phrase.

  • CAAA Crew 3 years ago

    hey guys! If you guys have the time, I just started a youtube channel and
    looking forward to getting out there! Its going to be a prank and challenge
    channel! We just released our first prank! Our pranks are going to be a lot
    better in the future! Thanks guys you rock! 

  • davlor86 3 years ago

    4:05 freaking hot, who is this??

  • Sinéad Kearney 3 years ago

    Only 28000 views in 5 hours, what happened to the days of these videos
    getting over 300,000 views a day?