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Bikini and Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is giving some good advice to get a sexy bikini body. 1. You want to do weight lifting. Lifting weights will firm and t…


Sexy Bikini


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  • Paula Zavala 3 years ago

    Great advice. Would u recommend weight machines for abs? If so, which?
    Thanks bunches!!!!!

  • TheLongshot1982 3 years ago

    im trying to get my ass as fat as possible, I MEAN HUGE…….help please

  • SuperBizalz 3 years ago

    Yes, I think she did get a boob job. They look great. I think they fit her
    frame perfectly. She didn’t make the usual mistake of going too big.
    Going too big would’ve taken away from her fitness look and gone off into a
    stripper look.

  • Ashlyn Hancak 3 years ago

    Did Vicky get a boob job?

  • Valerie Paul 3 years ago

    I like your thinking, and am jealous of that weather!

  • Meld Magic 3 years ago

    One word: Bodypump!

  • Courtney Locker 3 years ago

    Can y’all do a workout video using resistance bands? 

  • Michael Hicks 3 years ago


  • Sabina YummyHandmade 3 years ago

    It would be great to see your meals for a typical day…What and how much
    you eat per day…and how often you exercise?You have a gorgeous, healthy
    lookin’ body!

  • jason75 3 years ago

    When did she gets tits

  • Igor Merfi 3 years ago

    I love you!!!!!!!! <3

  • highwayblues1 3 years ago

    one more silicon girl .. sad.. how to ruin a perfect body. But it shows
    that even good looking girls have complexes !

  • rickns1 3 years ago

    Good tips

  • Katie P 3 years ago

    What do you think about maca tablets?

  • n8vdescent 3 years ago

    When is your calendar coming out Vicky?

  • spirited wolfe 3 years ago

    Ok I am going to point out that females on my fathers side look like
    Hercules and none of them take steroids. I had seen pictures of my
    grandmother in her 20s looking very muscular so that comment about women
    looking “big and muscular may be on steroids” not completely true. But I
    also know that many women due take steroids for that purpose so the comment
    not completely off the mark, but completely on.

  • Tatiana Segura 3 years ago

    Did she got a boobjob?

  • miroslav nikolic 3 years ago

    super bikini

  • Britt Lynn 3 years ago

    I have trouble with my lower abs there is always a pooch. I think that’s
    what people call it lol 

  • Cathy Miranda 3 years ago

    Great tips!!!

  • MiSSkOCALiNA 3 years ago

    I do all the exercises you suggest for a bigger rounder behind but it only
    got firmer and I feel like it shrunk even? My quads got beautifully toned

  • Peter Fox 3 years ago

    You messed up the Video Title! Left out: How. Oh, and I’m in love with
    Vicky!! ha ha!

  • cristal perez 3 years ago

    Im skinny and for summer I thought that I should gain as much weigh as I
    can for a couple of weeks(I have a fast metabolism in is hard for me to
    gain weigh) and then start to workkout .. do you think thats a good

  • Caitlin Pawlowski 3 years ago

    If I am already thin but have a little bit of a stomach should I still
    included cardio in my daily workout or just do weightlifting? Thanks Vicki

  • MrEdium 3 years ago

    “THE GREAT ONE” is the Best.

  • Jacqueline B 3 years ago

    Thanks girl woman I admire u and I believe what u say

  • Mr Magnificent $$ 3 years ago

    Nice new titty

  • nanaescaliente 3 years ago

    Do you have an Instagram account? I see you a lot on there but never see
    your actual account. You should post more on Instagram. Since others are
    using your videos 

  • Escar go 3 years ago

    thank you vicky

  • Antonio Carrión 3 years ago

    exercise classes with her as well and I like her bikini

  • BikiniModelFitness 3 years ago
  • Dhanjot Singh 3 years ago
  • SL Carrtel 3 years ago