Added by on August 12, 2013

Heres some funny bloopers from todays shoot at the beach with sexy Bikini Model Heather Rubi. When she does her ab exercises too close to the water a massive…

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  • Sovjetunion1 4 years ago

    Just The attitude PDA whore

  • Cherrypopp3RxD 4 years ago

    She wants the d

  • Ace Rms 4 years ago

    definitely useless

  • imxDannyel09322 4 years ago


  • Yiannis Paphitis 4 years ago

    i wouldn’t really concider that as a FAIL

  • Vincent Macapagal 4 years ago

    dumb ass

  • Oh Fandy 4 years ago

    she might loose somethings if she still stay..

  • Vincent Kiritsugu 4 years ago

    cleaning this damn keyboard

  • hellomynameispepe 4 years ago

    Fails……….. Still HOT

  • temuulen Batuumur 4 years ago

    flagged for promoting sex

  • Melanie Philips 4 years ago


  • heatherlovesrubi 4 years ago

    Her IG is hhheather

  • pyleris 4 years ago

    dont loose that boob 😀

  • Schwingoce772 4 years ago

    They laughed when I told them I would melt fat with Fat Blast Furnace, but then they saw the results. Go google Fat Blast Furnace to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  • OnyxDragon01 4 years ago

    I love how towards the end she’s basically like, “Forget it!” and goes to play in the water. So pretty!

  • Indecisive2 4 years ago

    So is the bikini she’s wearing.

  • Salazaren 4 years ago

    yeah yeah its still only youtube. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up hit this up in your browser:

  • Frank Javier Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Those are lucky waves

  • mmaier2112 4 years ago

    Nothing about this is fail.

  • DDDB13 4 years ago

    Workout means to build muscle?!?!?!? Whoa. So…. I must have been stupid to think that it could be for staying thin? Mind blown. Thank you, Kind Dragon.

  • DDDB13 4 years ago

    Yes. This was the WATER’s FAIL. Should have taken her top right off, but it didn’t even let ONE nip slip. Dumbass Water.

  • KillaSmit20789 4 years ago


    Water: Do it right mother**********

  • NewWorldRob 4 years ago

    Yes, 100 pct*

  • nerrej 4 years ago

    even after she fails, she just composes her self, stares into the camera while looking beautiful and keeps going.

  • nerrej 4 years ago

    nothing she does can be fail.

  • Indecisive2 4 years ago

    The colour of that bikini really brings out your lovely skin tone.

  • Indecisive2 4 years ago

    magic, eh?

  • 2TheDragon1 4 years ago

    Why is she coaching when she aint got abs?

  • Mo ra 4 years ago

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  • Lyndon Lin 4 years ago

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