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Awesome Russian girls skiing and snowboarding compilation May be old vids but awesome :)

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  • Patrick Baska 3 years ago

    I guess don’t knock it until U try it.. 

  • J Roo 3 years ago

    The first group of girls, while obviously still working on skills and
    technique, were the best out of the bunch. The second girl spent a lot of
    time in the “back seat” and steering with that back foot. And the last two
    made me cringe so hard for women everywhere. Yeah, yeah I get this is all
    in fun…but all I could do was facepalm at some of their technique while
    they thought they looked like hot shit. The first group of girls were
    pretty cute though…they have snowboarding potential I think! Now I hope
    all my lady riders get out there and shred it up this winter and show what
    us girls can really do out there!

  • RideBikes 3 years ago

    Good now do a triple cork -_-

  • jackinthebox4934 3 years ago

    I just thought of a solution for sexual assaults on women. Ok so 100% of
    sexual assaults are committed by African Americans so if we just deport
    them all back to Africa, problem solved!

  • Myles Ganske 3 years ago

    1:10 camera man wasn’t missing a beat

  • Pablo Perez 3 years ago

    estan todos locos los rusos ,siempre hacen cosas raras!!!!!

  • Igor Szopinski 3 years ago

    Shanna this is how they snow board in Russia,

  • Stephanie Abbernathy 3 years ago

    wtf? how do they not die?

  • Victor Nakonechny 3 years ago

    аааа!!! я тоже туда хочу!!!

  • Wolfmanrocker 3 years ago

    Bikini SnowBoarding… the power of mittens

  • alexcuseME 3 years ago

    Why, just why

  • Mr Unkown 3 years ago

    At 1:10, pause it

  • Many riders will be affected by the appearances of these girls resulting in
    many crash accidents as well as catching an edge and fall over hard. and
    they will say, “It was worth it”

  • georgi smilenov 3 years ago


  • Kyle Parker 3 years ago

    This is a snowboarding hazard.

  • Niki Bouchard 3 years ago

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access:

  • action studios 3 years ago

    No affence but these girls are retards why would you do this I would never
    go outside without long pants on

  • vermonster 3 years ago

    So badass and sexy all at the same time !

  • Manisha Stöhr 3 years ago

    The sick beat tho

  • TomKaren94 3 years ago

    While I appreciate pretty girls skiing in their undies… whatever happened
    to breasts?

  • The Rats 3 years ago

    it must be cold as tits:P

  • lolol515 3 years ago

    Props to the camera man for multitasking while filming this… If you know
    what i mean…

  • johnathan 3 years ago


  • Matthew Goldsilver 3 years ago


  • Laaaaaber7311 3 years ago

    First place looks like sheregesh!

  • FURANO TV 3 years ago

    nice すごいね

  • Joshua Ochal 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube: I think this is a good compromise +Arlen

  • Pieter De Cremer 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, but she is leaning on her back leg, that’s a terrible way to
    snowboard. I can’t stand watching this. Eh.. who am I kidding, I’ll manage.

  • Ananth Veerappan 3 years ago

    why the gloves ;-)

  • ruben m.b 3 years ago


  • Magenta W 3 years ago

    if you wipe out you’ll tear the skin right off of yourself 

  • Guillermo Tunon 3 years ago

    is this the begining of a good porn?

  • George Buntzen 3 years ago


  • Walker Bickford 3 years ago

    I don’t know about any body els but I think they look more sexy
    snowboarding ;)

  • David Kammerer 3 years ago

    anybody else notice the little kids in the mob of half naked girls
    drinking… :53

  • Ben Milligan 3 years ago

    Where was it filmed

  • Magenta W 3 years ago


  • action studios 3 years ago

    I want them to fall so bad

  • DirtBikesSpecialized 3 years ago

    SONG : Good Sensations – Alex Xela Ft Rosye Brown

  • WolfLabel 3 years ago

    songs, please?

  • ben a 3 years ago

    They will never be able to get the Fish smell out of the mountains now.

  • Reyce Lassiter 3 years ago

    Pause at 1:09..

  • twolives gamerandreviewer 3 years ago

    boner alert

  • Pablo Alemandi 3 years ago

    Fuck them all

  • supervenom54 3 years ago

    good job girls were was dis at

  • qwertyx45 3 years ago

    song ID?

  • TheRegectedMuppett 3 years ago

    where was the second place…!?!