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Bikini Girls


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  • Kevin bricksquad FBG 3 years ago

    Why did you mute the fb part

  • Tijuana 3 years ago

    Funny how people say I’m from the hood!
    Haha Mother Fkr!
    There are worst places than any USA hood! lol

  • Krysta Hollomon 3 years ago

    Huntington is the least ratchet place. Move it east and you’ll see ratchets

  • PurpleTurtle 3 years ago

    What the hell is ratchet coming from? Dear God my generation is getting
    more stupid by the day.

  • halozone3 3 years ago

    All white community? here ill do something for you. If you came from ifunny
    be expecting a collage of ratchetness (if that is even a word) from ALL
    white girls.
    N N N O O
    N N N O O

  • Xarianna Jones 3 years ago

    they made it seem like they were trying to make it seem like black girls
    are most common ratchet girls. like nah i see more white bitches ratchet
    and more sluttier but in every race there are ratchet girls. k bye. rant

  • overboardhumor 3 years ago

    Those shades though 0:01- 3:40

  • Karthik Ramasamy 3 years ago

    where did u film this?? 

  • WoeIsJesse 3 years ago

    I love how you censored her plug lol, bitch

  • Pokéflirt 3 years ago

    haha yeah shutup

  • IIIIIIIIL 3 years ago

    “This girl was giving him head, and she thought he was c****** in her
    mouth, but he peed in her mouth” Fail of the century…

  • Brandon Richardson 3 years ago

    Lmao at the slowed down girls laugh!!

  • wynaut Phan 3 years ago

    Huntington and no asian girls?

  • Umar Farooqi 3 years ago

    So I guess if one does not happen to reside in an all white community, they
    are considered ratchet.

  • Oscarg2014 3 years ago

    1:52 Why would he kiss her right after she said she sucked my nigga up?!

  • Scott Vineyard 3 years ago

    Oh god these sluts. So glad I don’t live there

  • ComboComboComboCombo 3 years ago

    I guess California is the perfect place to find ratchet trash

  • georgyorgy2 3 years ago

    Yeah… you’re a little late to the party, Aryia. People are so over the
    “picking up girl” videos and the “making out with strangers” video. You’re
    not setting yourself apart from the others. You’ll have to think of
    something to incorporate into this that’s unique and original if you’re
    going to make it. And while this wasn’t exactly one of those videos, that’s
    the kind of vibe I get whenever I watch these.

  • Gerasimos Vasilakis 3 years ago

    haha so nasty interviews

  • quityojibbajabbaa 3 years ago

    How many more ignorant, unintentionally racist girls can there be in one

  • Fatih Unal 3 years ago

    Good vid… Enough said

  • IceColdLemonade 3 years ago

    OMFG that one girl “well I live in an all white community so…”

  • My So-Called Life 3 years ago


    Those girls at 1:50 and 3:08 who was wearing purple and black top had nice,
    round, curved and firm bosoms. I wish I could have someone like them to
    hang out with and so on….

  • HanNotHang 3 years ago

    wtf is a ratchet?

  • 1MBr0wnN1LUV1T 3 years ago

    Have to change my pants. Damn, what am i gonna tell my mom

  • george atom 3 years ago

    That blonde girl is not a ratchet she a ho 

  • dogman683 3 years ago

    0:57 is that bitch trynna say that the majority of black girls are ratchet
    just becuz they are BORN with nappy kinky hair???

  • Rain4Tears 3 years ago

    The stupidity in this video is groundbreaking

  • Elijah Blade 3 years ago

    Damn are all these girls only have the IQ of 5.

  • Sven Cas 3 years ago

    omfg that chick with the john lennon glasses at 2:00 needs to shut the fuck
    up…queen of the pink hat ratchets.

  • coffeemovie501 3 years ago

    Most of these girls are “watchets”

  • abadi alamin 3 years ago

    LIKE a BOSS :D

  • Lucas Soares 3 years ago

    I feel like moving to USA right now

  • Chance Mays 3 years ago

    xarianna jones true true

  • maria 3 years ago

    My definition of ratchet: girl in the lime green bikini with the garden in
    her hair 

  • Damian Roberts 3 years ago

    Black girls are ratchet

  • Leonardo Stock 3 years ago

    Funny how before 0:03 I googled the meaning of ratchet and a few seconds
    after a whole video starts about its definition

  • theshockert1 3 years ago

    Go up to a random couple and play the part on Drake’s song Marvin’s room ”
    I’m just saying you could do better” and walk away

  • Luke Wilson 3 years ago

    Kassem’s son?

  • Eric Matt 3 years ago

    is it just me or or non of them look or sound ”ratchet”

  • Bruce Wonder 3 years ago


  • Fernando Chavez 3 years ago

    Lmfao this dude funny!

  • EMANeleVenElevEn 3 years ago

    This guy is so manufactured and fake. He gets fake views aswell

  • Kyree Jackson 3 years ago

    You should’ve motorboated them titties then brought her to the bathroom

  • Mahdi Shakur 3 years ago

    Yoni rozenblit shut up boi you don’t have a girlfriend your a fag you dumb

  • skiagrafima 3 years ago

    How come all the girls are so fit in that beach?! 

  • Daniel Ogburn 3 years ago

    Saying ratchet makes you seem like you don’t know English.
    Wretched = ratchet

  • Austin Houn 3 years ago

    A ratchet is actually a tool use to fix things.