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  • KENAN 3 years ago

    where lives aryia in which city

  • LAHWF 3 years ago

    3:44 “wait what’s your little youtube called?” – lol dumb bitch. 

  • Vendrix 3 years ago

    the babe of the day should’ve gone to that blonde

  • JoeyTV 3 years ago

    Straight girls that are in to lesbian stuff
    Your the real MVP

  • 5promiles 3 years ago

    Aryia > SimplePickup at the moment

  • Dan Barbour 3 years ago

    Bro where are you? I thought you were in Florida. I thought all girls from
    Florida were hot. Glad I didn’t buy that plane ticket. You haven’t
    interviewed a hot girl yet

  • Go Basely 3 years ago

    Do more picking up girls videos.

  • FreeStuffIsSoGood 3 years ago

    Girls are strange creatures..

  • Masterpkerko1 3 years ago

    0:32 underboobbbb

  • Mr. Saxophone 3 years ago

    Can’t wait for more videos. Just watched every single one straight through

  • Goku-227 3 years ago

    I swear the more I watch this shit the more brain cells I lose.

  • Bur Ozt 3 years ago

    awesome :)

  • Randall Arana 3 years ago

    It’s called giantdick69

  • Le Shivam Derp 3 years ago

    +SimpleSexyStupid dude you’re awesome… (i’m commenting cause i really
    wanna be in your video lol)
    but yes….
    YOU’RE FUCKING AWESOME BRO! i kinda look up to people like you and garrett
    garcia . you deserve much more subscribers than you actually have!

    keep up the amazing work.. you’ll soon be top on youtube 

  • Theo Tarver 3 years ago

    “giantdick69” hahahahahahaha.

  • Mr. Saxophone 3 years ago

    I love big eyes

  • salojan 3 years ago

    1:09 boob support detected

  • Maksim Kalinichenko 3 years ago

    Giant Dick 69 hahahahhaahhahahhahha LoLoL XD 

  • John Jean 3 years ago

    Bigdick69 lmfao I laughed so hard 

  • Fresh 3 years ago

    Under 301 club

  • Caldor3 3 years ago

    Can literally watch this dudes videos over and over, and thats saying

  • NeedForStorm 3 years ago

    Those “big eyes” 

  • Dan Jefferson 3 years ago


  • Byron Bojingles 3 years ago

    I can tell you why. Feminism. Feminism is convincing women they don’t need
    men, and emasculating men at the same time. Men can’t satisfy women, but
    another woman can, so they turn to them not out of love, but sexual

  • pitbolibo 3 years ago

    I hope this guy doesnt start charging to see his videos like those assholes
    from simple pickup did

  • ExhibitAHD 3 years ago

    That stereotype offended me

  • Ben.S 3 years ago

    giantdick69? so aryia is 45 years old? o.0

  • Kristian Agar 3 years ago

    I swear every girl blames alcohol on the lezzy actions im not against it
    but the fact is you are 80% in control when intoxicated this meaning
    mentally and emotionally so… im thinking this is just an excuse to kiss
    each other 

  • deividas267 3 years ago

    how tall are you? in metric system :D