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  • squirtmph 3 years ago

    who is the hoster? thanks for you response!

  • theodigital 3 years ago

    And the winner gets a…..sandwich!

  • Osta379 3 years ago

    Two of them had asses

  • firewall430 3 years ago

    Nos1, 2 not a chance. ..the hostess Yessir

  • JoDunThePrince 3 years ago

    maya michelle=win!

  • sandec boing 3 years ago

    WooOOooWW red bikini

  • blackheart35 3 years ago

    2.32 is my death time.

  • budo4ever 3 years ago

    I agree with the other comment. This camera man SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boriken395pr 3 years ago

    Pam Rodriguez

  • killersushi99 3 years ago

    What do you say! Everyone like this? “Cricket chirping” HAHAHA! OH

  • intelligenceisnot 3 years ago

    It’s against the law for a tall, skinny model to appear any where in the
    U.S. of A. in a bikini. This YouTube channel is in violation. The hottest
    baby body only appeared for a second. What gives?

  • Alex Behlert 3 years ago


  • samsungsamurai 3 years ago

    i am willimg to be maya michelle sex slave for a month

  • Christopher Johnson 3 years ago

    What did I tell y’all Pam is a Studrita! lol

  • contributor34 3 years ago

    Ok, camerais in focus and steady,…oh wait here appears a bikini clad
    goddess with the teeniest bikini ever and…what? camera is out of focus
    and all over the place but on the goddess…oh gosh she walks off stage and
    ….camera is back on focus and steady….woah here comes another
    goddess…but what the f….the camera is out of focus again and on her
    left shoulder…..grrrrrr

  • MrSnicker65 3 years ago

    Announcer is the hottest

  • MrRAAO 3 years ago

    The red bikini girl, I give her a 10

  • bird man 3 years ago

    Great ass!!!!

  • Tina Latina 3 years ago

    I was at Hot Import Nights Orlando 2 days ago & I entered the Miss HIN
    Competition. Vote for me to win by messaging HIN Facebook page Follow me on
    twitter @ misstinalatina2

  • zerofighter98 3 years ago

    the speaker announcer girl is hella fine look at that bod

  • BloodySawBlade 3 years ago

    @chinolo559 I think her hot legs and big boobs will suffice.

  • Raqe Tube 3 years ago

    he is sucks, focus on the cleavage dude, on the cleavage!

  • JohnQRandom 3 years ago

    @BrokenWindoWx3 Very sad my friend. If you refer to a “fat” woman as
    “curvy” then these fat ass western women have got you conditioned. You
    don’t know what a beautiful woman is if you’re American, it is because you
    are surounded by fat women everywhere you go, so anything less than120 lbs
    is going to seem too thin. I’ve lived in Russia, Japan, Czech Republic,
    Ecuador and currently Korea. I can assure you once you’ve lived abroad you
    realize how fat and gross western women are. ; )

  • hawaiifunguy1001 3 years ago


  • gofuckyourself999666 3 years ago

    love love cunts

  • MrTrackfreek 3 years ago


  • mittal baria 3 years ago

    who wnts to share hot please just message meeeeeee

  • spade goon 3 years ago

    ohh hell yea

  • mido mashakel 3 years ago

    Maya Michael @2:48 Fabolousss !!!

  • Memphis Ace 3 years ago

    whats the name of the women whos moderating ?

  • zeeshan ali 3 years ago

    The girls in the contest want big dicks nothing else

  • Mr0Rain1Man 3 years ago

    للسعوديين فقط لايك ^_^