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  • STONECOLD1987 2 years ago

    i liked the leg strip tease, when that girl strips one at a time. ladies
    were sexy in 1990’s 26:00 :)

  • Oni Melgeezy 2 years ago

    Fuck I wish I was a 90’s teen not a 90’s kid !

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    Her removal of her hat (22:43-22:50 is itself an erotic event, as is that
    of her belt and coat (23:27-23:38) and skirt (23:50-24:00). The removal of
    her mesh top (24:42-25:35) is extremely sexy. Her interaction with the
    audience and her limber moves (especially 26:00-27:00) exemplify her
    incredible sexual power. With her absolute self-confidence and
    seductiveness, Cherry Pie exemplifies female sexual power in its purest

  • revolcane 2 years ago

    27:11 Julie Ann Gerhard

  • spm36 2 years ago are the man

  • Tom Firth 2 years ago

    Dottie won it for me with honorable mention to Cherry Pie and Tiffany with
    the bet butt

  • Paul Brown 2 years ago

    I’ll bet you.. all of them like to be spanked by their boyfriends over the
    knee.. with panties off…

  • 1speedstar 2 years ago

    They’ll never make videos quite like these again…but they should!!

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    This is the third of the Marbles FoxHunt Bikini Championships, probably the
    sexiest bikini contest series of the early 90s. The women who competed were
    simply breathtaking: beautiful, with great bodies; extremely hot outfits,
    and very erotic routines. All the contestants are terrific, and display a
    combination of seductive and playful self-confidence in their strips. Among
    the standouts in the ensemble are Sherry, Jeannie, Dottie, Lauren and

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    Three women stand out here. Melinda (14:22-18:18) is amazing.She’s
    beautiful, with long brown hair, a great body and a sexy tan.Her all-black
    outfit (coat, chaps, bikini and knee-high boots) is extremely sexy. Her
    moves (especially 14:38-14:58, 15:15-15:27, 16:29-1703, and 17:14-18:00)
    display her playful eroticism, stage control and self-confidence. She knows
    how to work the audience and combines her girl-next-door smile with sexy
    moves to create a scintillating routine.

  • Jim Carson 2 years ago

    Where do you find this on dvd?

  • Sthomp10 2 years ago

    Wow very sexy women, i like!

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    The sexy teasing (36:10-36:46) she engages in with the audience exemplifies
    her winning personality and sexy self-confidence. The most thrillingly
    erotic part of her routine comes at 37:14-37:50, when she pours Hershey’s
    chocolate syrup between her generous breasts. She has full control over the
    audience, and loves exerting her sexual power. Michelle exemplifies the
    combination of physical eroticism, sexy outfits and sensual routines that
    made these gorgeous women such a pleasure to behold.

  • hec2006 2 years ago

    Cherry Pie got robbed she easily had a better overall performance here and
    was stunning as hell.

  • thersh9 2 years ago

    This video is awesome, thanks for putting the whole vidoe up. These
    stripper bikini videos are the best videos ever made. I love them.

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    Michelle (33:52-40:32), who won the contest, is one stunning woman, with
    her long, auburn hair, perfectly toned (and deeply tanned) body and lovely
    smile. After a fun start, she (35:00-35:15) begins her strip, which is
    energetic and playful. Her removal of her white bra (35:46-35:53)
    establishes her sexual presence. Her sexy silver bikini and pumps, together
    with her white lace panties, perfectly complements her awesome body.

  • dmw11111 2 years ago

    Cherry Pie (22:37-27:11) strips to perfection. A tall beautiful brunette
    with a perfectly toned body, with generous breasts, tight buns and a sexy
    tan. She also has the sexiest outfit in the contest: black hat, white coat
    and belt, green mesh and miniskirt, incredible green bikini and thigh-high,
    high-heeled glossy white leather boots, which emphasize her tanned, sexy
    legs. Her moves are flawless. From the moment she walks on stage she is in
    full control of the audience, and keeps it throughout.

  • Lexi Menichelli 2 years ago