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Find your Printable HERE ~ This version includes music to keep you going during the workout! To pla…

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  • Krystle Martin 3 years ago

    Where are Katrina’s pants from, does anyone know?!

  • sarina fb 3 years ago

    Is it ok if I do this workout 6 days a week 

  • Judith Pol 3 years ago

    Guys, I think that K&K should catch with Cassey from Blogilates someday!
    Imagine a workout combination with them! That’d be soooo awesome! 

  • Div48 3 years ago

    They’re both actually so gorgeous tho 

  • Aubrey Zepeda 3 years ago

    Is there anyway you can modify the bikini walkout? I have low blood
    pressure and going down/standing up again so quickly makes me super dizzy. 

  • Emy Almodovar 3 years ago

    Does anyone know the calories count-burned on this video? Thanks.

  • Alina Nistor 3 years ago

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am drenched!

  • TIUtigress 3 years ago

    Why don’t you guys use heavier weights? For deadlifts, 5 pounds is WAY too
    light for me. I normally use 18 to 24 pounds in both hands. Otherwise, how
    could you build muscle?? I’d really like to hear what you ladies have to
    say about this 

  • GreenSaffy 3 years ago

    i love your workouts! not too hardcore and I love how much fun youtwo are
    having while working out :)

  • sharishma13 3 years ago

    Is there anything I could replace fhose dumbells with? :/

  • Annabel McGannon 3 years ago

    Can you guys do another quickie workout

  • Nat W 3 years ago

    It keeps saying playback error. Won’t play on my iPad :0(

  • Sabrina Richer 3 years ago

    Does someone know the weight of their dumbells?? 

  • CSLT99 3 years ago

    Great workout, thanks ladies!! Love being able to follow along with you on
    the workouts :) 

  • Natalie Andrews 3 years ago

    Sometimes you guys perform the moves a little too quickly to consider these
    videos “follow along”. It’s hard when you’re using heavier weights to keep
    up with good form when you guys fly through some of the moves :-/

  • Renewed ForLIfe 3 years ago

    Do you use 3 pounds or 5 pounds weights?

  • Natalia Gubina 3 years ago

    my favorite routine :) thank you!

  • Tcia xoxoxo love haters stupid 3 years ago

    Can’t stop working out I have all this muscle

  • iamlikehearted 3 years ago

    Awesome routine! 

  • Kate B 3 years ago

    This is KILLER!! :P

  • Nathalie Marichal 3 years ago

    For some reason the video won’t load

  • SAKURA SP 3 years ago

    I can not see the video T_T

  • FierceSandy 3 years ago

    That was a great workout! Thanks! :D

  • omgmetoo81 3 years ago

    this is so great, but where did bikini body 2 go? i miss it!

  • Jill Echalk 3 years ago

    Can someone tell me how often we are supposed to do this? I’m new to Tone
    it up!

  • americanbluebell 3 years ago

    Can you change this video from unlisted so I can watch & follow along on my
    tv later?? It says you can only get to it through the link. Thanks!! :D

  • atomickiwi 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to do this workout later! Thanks ladies!!! xoxo

  • Allison Cipriano 3 years ago

    What size weights do you ladies recommend?

  • heather h 3 years ago

    what weight hand weights?