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Bikini Workout


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  • Mariah Kelly 3 years ago

    If we’re doing the entire butt lift workout for October, the four videos
    total, do we still do this video four times through? I’m confusedddd

  • Dharma HeArt 3 years ago

    Hey Cassey were you thinner in that video or did you had less muscles? 

  • Viktorija Limontaitė 3 years ago

    Oh God, it’s so haaard!!! How am I supposed to do the Food Baby after this,
    I’m dead! :-D

  • kassikangas 3 years ago

    I was in so much pain during the mountain climbers that I didn’t even
    notice my cat was biting my hand :D. My arm is covered in scratches now. 

  • Catarina Magalhães Maciel 3 years ago

    I haven’t acchieved already that mind strengh needed to ending this
    exercice, mainly after food baby… :( makes me so so sad.

  • Danika Mills 3 years ago

    I feel like no matter what I do, my wrists always hurt. Even if I put my
    hands into fists. It makes half these exercises impossible because I’m in
    excruciating pain and can’t do anything that involves using my arms to keep
    myself up ):

  • Melina S 3 years ago

    Do you not have instagram? :( 

  • Luce Iole 3 years ago

    Oh my God Cassey, you’re so crazy!!! I’ve just made it 3 times, not 4 but
    it’s so hard I just couldn’t make it!! My thighs are going to
    explose! Shoooooooooweeerrr!!! ;)

  • Nicola Nelson 3 years ago

    Hard core ..I’m a hot mess after that 

  • VONNIE LEEI 3 years ago

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this
    workout this was the worst workout I ever did it featured all the ffreakin
    workout s I hate in one place I will never do this again I have never hated
    a workout or nothing Ias much I hate this one I hate hate hate
    haaaattttteee it

  • Alexandra Lagou 3 years ago

    4times in a week or 4 times in a day?

  • TheTigereye22 3 years ago

    Is it not ironical that i get a MCdonald advertisement before Cassey’s
    Video? xD Don’t know why but THIS was a motivation to work even harder! :D

  • Ksharapani Wickramarathne 3 years ago

    Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you’ll realize how
    particular foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  • GalaxyUniverse Pap 3 years ago

    Cassey, after you’ve done a lot of videos, and start shaking, is it better
    to continue or rest? I know shaking is caused because you put your muscles
    to the point where they aren’t used to be during excercising, so what do
    you think one should do?

  • Laura MacInnis 3 years ago

    Is it better to do a workout on an empty stomach or like an hour after you
    eat? Also what time of day is the best for a work out??!!

  • renuka bapat 3 years ago

    do i have to do this four times every day

  • Ariiw Arii 3 years ago

    This shit KILL ME!!!!! >_< No pain, no gain.

  • Mette H-V 3 years ago

    Heart is racing! But I’m not too scared of this video as I used to be! :D

  • ghodeejah alexander 3 years ago

    this kills me everytime!! Now still FOOD BABY?! I dont know…

  • Karlie Ditter 3 years ago


  • DaNA Mai 3 years ago

    I find this and the FoodBaby as two of the hardest HIITs..,.oh wait, all
    the HIITs are insanely hard!! T.T 😀 

  • Robert Gronda 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Alondra Kitty 3 years ago

    This looked so much easier in my mind

  • Isabella 3 years ago

    If I am just starting this HIIT series should I start doing as much as I
    can and then build up to doing the video 4 times??

  • Ariel hidalgo 3 years ago

    3 more times !!! I must !

  • PattyA 3 years ago

    For any of you gals or guys who have a hard time trying to do this dont
    give up!! I’ve been doing this workout for atleast 8 months now and I’ve
    seen the results (if you eat right too). Even my friends say my legs look
    smaller yay! If you find it hard you don’t have to do it 4 times total, you
    can start 2 times, then another day start with 3 and just do it over and
    over for like 2 months; i used to cant do this exercise 4 times but now I
    can :) you will get the results just like i did, because everyone has their
    own pace and level of difficulty so dont give up guys :) Thanks Cassey for
    this vid

  • Anna Styles 3 years ago

    This is super hard!!!

  • gxntoki .' 3 years ago


  • Heather Mcgough 3 years ago

    Oh my word you just killed me!! And I loved it! I am just getting back in
    the groove of working out after having my son last June. Better late the
    never. But I normally do DailyHitt/ BodyRock so I’m familiar with the set
    up. Love you energy and videos!! 

  • Sara Mercer 3 years ago

    Sooo she says to do this video 4x. do I do it 4x if im fallowing her

  • teenrocksummer 3 years ago

    Although i died I did it

  • sunnyaurora 3 years ago

    Idk why maybe I was so discourage about how I couldnt do this so well but I
    started crying during the workout..

  • Mäkinen Suvi 3 years ago

    I don’t know why but…..I LOVE BURPEES!!♥

  • Diana K 3 years ago

    how often can I do intervals? (per week)

  • Phoenix Lowdermilk 3 years ago

    I’m dead

  • Chattercharlie 3 years ago

    Does she mean four times in a row/throughout the day, four times throughout
    the week or just four times with other cardio in between?

  • lidia beautybuba 3 years ago

    I looooove bolgoliaties xxxxx

  • decolletage109 3 years ago

    i died at the split squats. how is that even possible man

  • Chocococo Muffin 3 years ago

    Hey! I’m a beginner.. Can start with this series? Or will it be too much to
    handle? Thanks :)

  • romy k 3 years ago

    i can only do half of this but i will keep going until i can do it

  • SavBeautifulMess 3 years ago

    Am I the only one that dies only doing this video one time around?

  • Tarrie Revenant 3 years ago

    “Burpees and split jumps are both so intense, put them together, it just
    makes sense.” – Cassey’s philosophy, I’m sure of it. But, I like it, so
    hence why I’m here.

  • Alizee Guerinon 3 years ago

    Tu devrai faire ta Nate jusqu’aux boux

  • Linh Nguyen 3 years ago

    is it 4 time a day and if it is how many time a week?
    or is it 4 time a week