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From crop tops to bikinis, the belly-baring fashions of Summer inspire abdominal work. This 10-minute workout will make your midsection toned, taut, and stro…

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  • ♥victoria♥ 3 years ago

    Omg that was so much harder than i thought ._.

  • Georgie Dyer 3 years ago
  • carisma2006 3 years ago

    these moves are so effective. I love these videos! they are super

  • Natalya Babiy 3 years ago

    Burns how much cals???

  • Cotedazur Gaitan 3 years ago

    amazing workout love_it, U are the best TABATA))

  • Saeid Ebrahimi 3 years ago
  • Maddie Craig 3 years ago

    About how many calories would this burn?

  • Ginny Wilkinson 3 years ago

    This first time I did this workout it wasn’t to brutal. Did it for the
    second time…feeling it!!! Thanks Anna :) 

  • Diana Bermúdez 3 years ago

    Love it. Thanks Anna! 

  • dmdmama1 3 years ago

    Great workout! Part of my routine now, 2-3 x a week. Seeing results 2 weeks

  • Jenna Lee 3 years ago

    what a great workout! got me sweating in half the time it usually takes!

  • Josy Doll 3 years ago

    OH LORD! Such an amazing workout, love it

  • meme cr 3 years ago

    ooh god… I’m really feel it…the burning calories

  • Becky Knapp 3 years ago

    Anna, where did you get your top????

  • ManUntdForever 3 years ago


  • Mehak Kalia 3 years ago

    How many times do we do that in one day? I did it once but I didn’t feel
    much of a burn! 

  • HeyIm Chantelle 3 years ago

    I love your top Anna. I will definitely do this workout tonight when i get
    in the house!!! 

  • DuctTapeROCKS7 3 years ago

    I love your motivating personality, Anna! You go!

  • Claire Lily 3 years ago

    Oh is bikini!!! ok!!!

  • Sonia Fraser 3 years ago

    I love Anna’s shirt! Where do you get that?

  • Stella Koutsoulli 3 years ago

    starting to love planks thank you anna x